Sunday 8th October 9.30 – 5 pm (tentative time) @ 47 Wilmot Rd Forth

Tap into your inner fire! Tasmania’s brand-new Wim Hof instructor, Piet Blokker, will guide you through a series of activities that will help you connect to the guru within. The focus will be on using your breath to reset your computer, connecting with your Still Point, and a short ice-bath at the end of the day, followed by a meditation session. You can look at this workshop as a one-off life altering experience, or use it to kick start a 10-week program to optimum health and happiness, with weekly group sessions by Wim Hof instructor Piet.

Investment: $300 (includes healthy lunch, morning and afternoon tea)

Optional after the workshop:10 weekly group sessions: $30 per session


Bring: towel, cushions or yoga mat, bathers, and wear comfy gear.

More information will follow soon. In the meantime, read my experience of Wim Hof/Ice man boot camp in Victoria last year. I paid $2000 for 4 days (plus airfares) and I would do it again tomorrow! Why? Because I only have one body. I know that when I dig deep enough (in myself) I will strike gold. Inside all of us is a vast reservoir of health, happiness and strength and Wim Hof, alias the Iceman has made his lifestyle duplicable so we can all benefit from what he learnt through trial, error and heartbreak. Other than me raving on about health, happiness and strength, here are some scientific facts to whet your appetite: Controlled frequent exposure to the cold has many benefits. Cold therapy like cold showers or ice baths improves your metabolism. The ball of warmth I felt on the second day meant that my brown fat tissue metabolism was being activated. Brown fat rapidly heats the body, like throwing petrol on the smouldering embers. As we age we lose our brown fat and we start building up layers of white fat in unwanted places. Studies have shown that cold therapy has anti-obesity effect.

Cold exposure helps to move toxins from your lymphatic system; it’s a bit like cleaning out your house with a garden hose. It trains your circulatory system. Blood vessels open with cold exposure, and then close again. This causes blood to rush back and flush the organs and glands which helps to remove toxins and boosts the blood circulations to the organs.

Longer cold exposure triggers the release of endorphins similar to opiates. This is like having your own inbuilt pharmacy. Now you can unlock the door to your bodies’ secret stash of natural painkillers. It is safer than obtaining them on the black market and it gives you the same high or sense of wellbeing, without any of the side effect. It costs you nothing other than a little bit of effort.

Cold showers may stimulate the brain to release noradrenalin, a chemical that’s helpful in overcoming depression. It also reduces inflammation and stress levels, improves fertility and sexual performance, boosts your immune system, improves your thyroid and adrenal function, increases your pain tolerance and helps you sleep better, amongst other things. It is challenging but worth it!

Spring is just around the corner and there is never a better time to surprise yourself. If I can do it as a 55 year old mum and grandma, anybody can! I recommend this workshop for anyone who has serious health challenges because you learn how to control and regulate your own immune system. Up till the appearance of Wim Hof, scientists believed this was impossible and now they are rewriting the medical text books.

Great for cancer sufferers and survivors, people with auto immune disorders, MS, R.A, mental illness, depression, anxiety, allergies, chronic pain and PTST, as well as PCOS and infertility.

Piet himself survived a serious challenge with cancer and this makes him a very safe, compassionate and caring instructor. Keep an eye out for articles on Piet and upcoming workshops by subscribing to Grada’s blog on