In 2005 the CDC (Centre of Disease Control) conducted a study on 2500 people to discover the ‘body burden’ of toxins carried by the average American.

These people were living relatively clean lives, in good areas, like nice suburbs.

The researchers found traces of 287 chemicals.

All the chemicals they were looking for, were found inside the bodies of their test subjects.

Now we know there are many more chemicals in our environment.

There are 80.000 chemicals registered for use in the US, and every year 1700 are added.

How many of those are also in our bodies?

It’s possible that we could have over 10000 toxins inside our bodies.

It seems insane, but the number could be even higher than that because no research has been done on all 800000 chemicals.

To be clear, toxins are poisons.

Depending on the substance, small amounts could be very toxic to you.

Toxins including heavy metals, such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury are deadly in large amounts.

Mycotoxins are poisons released by certain types of moulds in your home, school, or office that can create all sorts of reactions in the body.

The hundreds of thousands of industrial chemicals used in just about every manufacturing process are found in every processed item, from hormone disruptive plastic food containers to our drinking water, to our rainwater.

We take in toxins through what we eat, drink and breathe, and also through our shampoos and personal care products, and cosmetics.

Toxins are in our curtains, carpets, pillows, rugs, and building materials.

Our cars are also very toxic, and it is a good idea to always open your window and let some fresh air blow through for the first 10 minutes of your trip.

Most of the decisions regarding chemicals and food additives are made by industry lobbyists, not by government officials hired to protect us.

This leaves us without any protection.

We completely rely on our own immune systems to stay healthy.

Thankfully we were created with an incredibly resilient and intelligent immune system, but even so, the statistics show that the rates of chronic illness are skyrocketing.

  • We have an allergy epidemic.
  • We have an asthma epidemic.
  • We have an autoimmune epidemic.
  • We have an infertility epidemic.
  • We have an autism epidemic.

All these toxins stimulate our immune systems to go on high alert.

It starts to become unable to read the difference between you and the foreign invader.

It loses its tolerance to self and begins to inflame or destroy its own tissue, and this is how autoimmune diseases begin.

Sometimes as early as birth.

So how can we turn these numbers around?

The first thing I suggest is that you swap out all your harmful cleaning and personal care products for safe and healthy ones.

You can clean your house with Bicarb of soda OR vinegar.

We sell ‘no pong’ deodorants and chemical-free shampoos and conditioners in our clinic.

Next, you need to clean up your diet, and minimize carbohydrates, while you increase healthy fats like organic butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil for instance.

Your body needs oils to detoxify itself.

To help your body get rid of heavy metals, eat fermented foods every day.

Also take a Beetflow, and Enzymes with each meal.

Enzymes mop up the rubbish and alleviate your toxic burden.

So does Beetflow.

To heal and seal your gut, take a good probiotic, like Immuno-Synbiotics or Syntol, or Spore Probiotics.

We have a huge range of new-generation probiotics and these are able to withstand the onslaught of toxins.

Either way, when toxins are up (and they are!) your risk of inflammation goes way up… and these products are designed to bring the inflammation down and restore peace and calm to your body.

If you can only afford one product, stick with the Beetflow.

However, the Ultimate Vitality Boost comes with Beetflow, Enzymes, Immuno-Synbiotic Restore as well as a vital mineral supplement that helps to detoxify the cells of your body.

You can order it here now.

I have thrown a lot of information at you, so let me boil it down here.

We see high levels of inflammation, autoimmune disorders, leaky gut, as well as stress and burnout in our clinic every day.

We turn down the flames and soothe your nervous system, and restore order in your body with allergy testing and energy medicine.

The changes are instant and often lasting.

Suddenly your immune system stops attacking your tissues and begins to drive the car in the right lane again.

The supplements I mentioned help to heal and seal your gut, so your T cells are more likely to keep doing the right thing once you get home.

If you just supplement with the Ultimate Vitality Boost and cut out processed foods, and reduce carbohydrates, you are going to make a significant difference in relieving your toxic burden.

It is so easy!

We apply techniques that neutralize these toxins ON THE SPOT.

If you are stuck at a hurdle, don’t feel as healthy as you should, have niggling problems or have life-threatening illnesses, book in to see us today.

That means you will leave our facilities feeling completely different from how you entered.

Your body in all its wisdom will use this breakthrough to begin a cycle of detoxing and deep healing.

I am excited for you to feel empowered to tame the toxins in your life.

Here are some of the things I do for myself:

  • I have a regular healing session with Pete (and this includes neutralizing toxins and optimizing key nutrients)
  • I cook only organic food.
  • I use no plastic or toxic cookware.
  • Our water is filtered
  • I use toxin-free personal care products.
  • I don’t use antibacterial sanitizer (they destroy your gut bacteria)
  • I make a big pot of chicken soup every week, which supplies my body with plenty of minerals, good fats, organic veggies, water, and bone-building skin-restoring material.
  • I have a portion of Love Your Guts Kimchi or Sauerkraut every day
  • I often have the Purple House Smoothie for breakfast or lunch
  • I religiously take the Ultimate Vitality Boost every day and have done since 2009.
  • I use toxin-free toothpaste.
  • I drink herbal teas and organic coffee, and water.
  • I don’t eat bread or drink milk.

If you would like a more detailed plan, please click here to download our free wellness guide.

The money I spend on supplements is saved on medical bills (I don’t have any, even though I got hit by a truck in 2006 and left with catastrophic injuries. I completely healed myself, without a rehabilitation plan).

We also eat small portions of food and don’t feel hungry, because it is so satisfying.

I hope I have inspired you today to take the bull by the horns and begin a detox plan.

Ignorance isn’t bliss.

Ignorance results in pain and limitations.

Knowledge can change the trajectory of your health, so you can live an abundant life!

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