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Follow the stars, uncover your private source of energy!

I am taking Freddie outside for his last pee before bed. It’s one of those crystal clear nights. The stars and milky way are so brilliant, it almost takes my breath away. There’s the southern cross. Apparently, from where I’m standing, if I measure two and a half lengths of the cross from the bottom, […]

Two minutes with Eve!

Two minutes with…. Eve Robertson, mum of three, massage therapist, part time Alchemy cook Every morning when I wake my goal is to live a happy, peaceful existence amongst the chaos of everyday life. Here are a few of my tips.. Get enough sleep. This is a pretty laughable notion as a mother of 3 […]

Re-living a near-drowning experience. (by Pete)

It’s Sunday 11 a.m. and I am about to wade into the swirling waters of the Forth River. Every now and then we get a glimpse of the sun as it tries to break through the wintry sky, dispelling the bleakness for a moment. Casting aside all thoughts of a cosy Sunday morning coffee time […]