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What can you learn from your immediate environment?

What can you learn from your immediate environment? A lot more than you think! Have a look at your car for instance. Is it spic and span? Are objects safely stacked in their own little hidey holes?  That most likely means that your bills and invoices are all ticked off and filed in orderly fashion. […]

Getting back to basics

Have you been putting your health on the back burner for too long and now you hardly know how to get through the day? Then it’s time to get back to basics. You couldn’t get more basic than a gut cleanse.

A case of food poisoning

sore stomach

A bad case of worms? One Friday night in early March I decided to cook something special for Pete and me. I noticed a packet of wallaby mince in the fridge that I had bought earlier in the week thinking that ‘game’ meat is meant to be healthier than ‘normal’ meat and that I could do […]