Shadow work comes from Carl Jung and he said it was necessary work if you want to become whole/healthy.

Tonight I want to help you stay centred in the storm, while old structures are unraveling in front of our eyes.

Some people call it the ascension process.

Planet earth and its inhabitants are moving from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. That simply means that we are going from duality consciousness (you versus me) to heart space consciousness, to oneness.

Where we realize we are not only interconnected, we are interconnectedness itself.

That we are sovereign beings, who don’t need to be ruled by an outside force because we are connected to our inner Source which is unconditional love. Where we would never harm each other because we are governed by our inner light/God/Divine source.

But we are not there yet.

Mother earth is reincarnating itself and to me, it feels as if we are going through transition.

You know, that horrible feeling just before you are allowed to start pushing the baby out and you think you can’t do this anymore.

You just want the baby to go back inside, so you can go home to bed and never get up again.

I gave birth to 6 babies and I always came unstuck during transition.

I could handle the first stage and the pushing out stage, but not that in between, where you weren’t quite fully dilated so you were stuck in nowhere land. Not allowed to push and simply enduring the pain, counting the seconds till the next contraction, waiting to be open enough to push the baby out.

Collectively, I think this is what we are in right now. Mother earth is expanding and contracting.

There is more light coming in, we are becoming more conscious and awakened with each contraction. Then there seems to be a backlash, where it seems that life as we know it is sliding backwards.

We are seeing the unthinkable where convicted criminals are released from prison so innocent citizens can be incarcerated. Freedom of speech is eroded, barbaric measures are meted out, people are going broke, people are being lied to and then there are forced immunizations.

It seems as if our freedom, that we took for granted, is taken from us overnight.

This is the pain we are feeling.

We are reaching a tipping point where either our beloved planet is going to get a whole lot darker or the opposite; a golden age of freedom, equality, and prosperity for all living beings.

I prefer to believe the latter, that the difficulties we are witnessing today are actually the last throes of labour before baby pops out.

I also believe that there are things we can do to help.

How can we speed up the ascension process?

That’s what I want to talk about tonight.

By shining the light on our own shadows and by integrating them, our light starts to shine brighter. We start to vibrate at a higher frequency and this, in turn, will help our planet go through this transition period as fast as possible with as little pain as possible.

Besides, shadow work is heaps of fun.

Its one of my favourite parts of coaching/healing.

A shadow is an aspect of ourselves that we repress, we are ashamed of or that we feel bad about.

They are parts of ourselves that we are often not consciously aware of.

We haven’t shone a light upon them yet.

We pretend they don’t exist but as long as we do that, they never go away.

A shadow part of us tends to jump out when we least want it, for instance at an important interview, at a date, during an argument or times of stress.

Like now… because many of us are stressed and anxious, Covid 19 is bringing out a lot of shadows in everyone.

Its part of the greater plan because these shadows are coming up for healing.

There are many ways shadows can pop in your face:

1. Showing up in a forceful blast suddenly and you are out of control
2. Other people call you ‘bossy, cold-hearted, impatient, greedy or inconsiderate’ and you can’t see it about yourself or you feel deeply hurt by their opinion
3. Your bestie irritates the hell out of you and these irritating behaviours are exactly your subconscious shadow
4. You are trying to move forward and manifest what you want but its as if the handbrake is on.

Bringing awareness to these parts, to ALL of us, and integrating them into our being sets us free from restrictions in our relationship, opens the floodgates to health, happiness and abundance.

Examples of common shadows are needy, greedy, shallow, stupid, dumb, ugly, defensive, fake, fraud, aggressive, heartless, manipulative, mean, cruel, lazy and so on.

What is something that you never want others to know about you?

Here Pete and I integrate the shadow “bully’ or “tyrant” because we are seeing tyranny sprouting up everywhere.

Watch this video if you want to feel more peaceful, calm and resilient during these unthinkable times, so your light can shine brighter to be able to midwife in the new era of humanity/new earth!

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