My week is off to a great start. I am ‘at work’, if you can call doing what you love work. Sunlight is filtering in through the blinds, the birds are chirping their morning chorus and I have the privilege of treating one of my eldest clients to a warm, soothing, relaxing combination/massage in my room at the Purple House in Forth.

When Bev initially came to me many years ago, she had several large, ugly, seborrheic keratomas on her back. Elderly, and even not so elderly, people often develop these skin lesions. They are dark, crusty build ups of pigmented skin.

This is what Dr Google has to say about keratomas;

Senile keratomas are characteristic of people aged 30 years and older. Localised on the face, on the back of the hands, on the neck, and sometimes on the abdomen, lower leg, chest or forearms.

Some types of keratomas are not at all dangerous to humans, being just an unpleasant cosmetic defect. But other species, in particular, seborrheic keratosis, are able to eventually turn into a malignant form.

If the slightest signs of this formation occur, it is required to consult a doctor as early as possible.

Statistics show that 83 million Americans suffer from ugly keratomas / keratosis.

And here are some findings of an Australian study, showing that these ‘senile warts’ are showing up in younger people too. A recent study in Australia that examined all age groups in a hospital population reported a 12% prevalence for seborrheic keratosis in those aged 15 to 25 years. This was an unexpected finding, given the common view that these skin lesions are found in people mainly older than 50 years who live in temperate climates.

Back to my client Bev.

About four years ago, Bev enquired about my Biomedx sessions.

“Are these for older people too?” she enquired.

“You want to be as well as you can for as long as you live, so yes, if I discover that you have imbalances that we can correct, you will be vibrantly healthy until the day you die of very old age!” I answered.

Bev booked in for a Biomedx / Full Health Analysis and, sure enough, there were a couple of areas to do with her metabolism that weren’t functioning as well as they could have been. They weren’t causing her major issues, but she was certainly losing energy for no good reason, a bit like driving your car with the hand-break not fully released. We corrected her imbalances with certain supplements and I educated her on ways to improve her health (drinking more water, having salt, daily iodine, etc.)

This morning my hands glide smoothly across her back. Wafts of the uplifting scent of the essential oil ‘Joy’ fill the room. There is no sign of ugly keratomas. Other than a tiny scar from where she had one surgically removed years ago, her skin is as smooth as a baby. Over about a 6-month period following that initial Biomedx consultation, the crusty old keratomas started to shrink till they eventually completely disappeared without a trace.

I hold the towels up and ask her to roll onto her back. I am again amazed at how quickly she moves. I congratulate her on being my fastest client to go from prone to supine.

She laughs with a comment, “Go on with you!”.

“Are you still having the smoothie?” I ask her.  Get the smoothie recipe and Ebook for free here!

“My word, that’s what keeps me going as good as I am. Thanks for reminding me to buy some more Bioraculous, I’m almost out.” Bev quips.

I don’t have to remind her about the other things, such as adequate water and salt and iodine, because her healthy glowing skin says it all. Plus, she has the energy of a person many years younger. How many 90-year-olds venture on overseas holidays?

“You truly are an inspiration!” I compliment her.

My mind wanders off to the other end of the spectrum, the story of Dillan.

Four-year-old Dillan had been diagnosed with immune deficiency syndrome. He’d been a sickly child most of his life, plagued by colds, respiratory problems, ear and sinus infections. If anything was going around, poor Dillan contracted it. The immunologist in Melbourne had recommended for Dillan to go on antibiotics all winter. The poor little mite, he certainly looked miserable with not a very bright future.

He was very brave. I pricked his finger tip to take 3 drops of blood for live and dried blood microscopy and a glucometer reading and he didn’t protest like a healthy 4-year-old would have done because he was so used to needle pricks.

I discovered major disturbances in his digestive system, and his blood sugar levels were too high for his age. He had been on cortisone for his chest infections, which may have elevated these. His diet consisted of mainly carbs, which wouldn’t help either.

Then I performed the urine and saliva tests. There were more major imbalances which would have to be addressed. One important area that required attention was cell membrane permeability. Dillan’s cells were all in an anaerobic state (not getting oxygen into the cells). This is disastrous for our immune system, because when oxygen can’t get into the cells easily, the cells become an ideal breeding ground for viruses.

After checking all the tests and setting out a regime for Dillan to follow, with dietary changes and a few supplements, we worked out that his regime would cost the same as a coffee a day. To cut a long story short, Dillan went through the winter a changed little boy. His teachers also commented that he was a different child with lots more energy and contributing a lot more in class. His parents and sister contracted a bad flu, and Dillan sailed through without a hint of it. When Spring arrived, Dillan’s mum took him back to see the GP and stated triumphantly, “He didn’t have any antibiotics, he did this!”, handing over the regime I had set out. “That is great news! Keep it up, it appears it’s helping!” Her GP was very happy. Dillan’s story inspired other parents to bring their children for consultations, averting much unnecessary suffering. There is nothing more frustrating for parents to see than their child in pain and not knowing what’s causing it.. But enough ruminating for now.

Bev appears out of the room feeling amazingly relaxed. I hand her a glass of water with a pinch of salt which she drinks eagerly.

“Don’t forget my Bioraculous”, she jogs my memory. Bev certainly is a role model. She has had more heartbreaks than most people would in ten lifetimes, yet here she is, happily taking charge of her own wellbeing. I bid her a good day as she books her following appointment well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Everyone benefits from a Biomedx / Full Health Analysis.

I have seen thousands of clients of all ages. You are never too young or too old for a complete health overhaul. Your problems are never too mysterious, acute or chronic. If you have been unable to find answers to your problems, it might be time for something different!

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