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These days, I avoid situations where I feel inauthentic.  

Pete and I live a very simple life. We enjoy the peacefulness of our home surroundings, reading, writing and spending time with our pets, children and grandchildren. We are very fortunate that our clinic is only 500 meters away and we love working, looking after our community of clients, studying and gaining new insights. Neither Pete nor I need to travel the world or go out for meals much. I used to love shopping when I was younger, but now I am concerned about consumerism and my needs are very small. Today I feel more fulfilled than ever.

But life wasn’t always as idyllic as it is these days.

My childhood was an ideal training ground for a budding intuitive therapist. My mother was warm and loving and at the same time, I was aware that she struggled with pain and depression. Her suffering hung over me like a shadow. From a very young age, I set out to become world’s best healer, to alleviate her suffering and stop unnecessary pain, not just for her, but for everyone. 

My Dad was a rock, but you know what happens when you crash into a rock: it hurts. 
He was a man of few words. He couldn’t work for anyone else because he was too stubborn, and always had his own businesses, which followed a boom and bust pattern. My parents were devoted to each other and their 5 kids, but there was a lot of uneasiness. Every now and then the tension would reach a peak, and my Dad would lose his cool and the sky would fall on our heads.

I learnt from a very early age to feel all kinds of energy shifts in the house.

By tuning into that energy, an unpleasant situation (read: domestic violence) could sometimes be avoided. Or if the situation exploded, I would bring out my resident coach and cry and counsel myself in the safety of my bedroom till I found peace.

To my Dad, feelings were to be squashed and ignored and emotions were not to be trusted. It worked for him because he was a Viking and he didn’t have any qualms about erupting like Mount Vesuvius every now and then. If he had any guilt or remorse, he didn’t show it.

That is the thing with emotions: they need to be expressed in a safe and intelligent way, otherwise we become a danger to ourselves and others. We either explode, like my dad, or implode.

In 2008 I suffered from acute Panic Disorder.

The twin towers were continually collapsing in my head, and for my own good, I spent 8 weeks in a psychiatric unit. My mind was broken and my intuitive powers that I used to rely on, were up the creek. I was a rudderless ship. I would never wish that state of being on anyone.

OK, I was nearly killed in 2006 by a passing truck, and the mental illness was blamed on that trauma, but I knew that the can of worms was much bigger than that. For me to make full recovery, I had to stop being the person I had been in the past and completely re-invent myself. This didn’t happen overnight. In fact it probably took a good ten years for the fog and confusion to lift and for the real Grada to surface.

I researched, studied and meditated.

I wrote my life story to unravel the ball of wool, always looking for missing links to make sense of my life. If you are curious, you can order my book ‘You are the Miracle! How being hit by a truck saved my life here online or at the Purple House.

I didn’t sanitize or sugar coat my life story. My clients are always honest with me, and I wanted to honour them by sharing the truth about my mess ups and victories and everything in between so they realize I am human like them.

And it has paid off: I have had reactions from people all over the world who not only enjoyed reading it, they also started to believe in themselves. (Which brings me great joy!)

Between 2009 and 2018 Pete and I travelled widely, rubbing shoulders with some of the worlds brightest mentors and teachers, always looking for answers to minimize mental, emotional and spiritual suffering.

While normal people go to the gym, beach or chill out, I spend time recovering from my life, exercising my intuiting, listening to my inner guru, tuning in to my divine family (loved ones who have moved on), observing my children, grandchildren and pets, and honing my skills as an intuitive healer.

I have worked with over 12,000 clients since 2000. Most of my clients have experienced deep trauma or are stuck in a very dark place when they come to me. I am not satisfied till I know they have grown a new set of wings during their session with me, so they can take off and start living with much greater ease, joy and clarity on their return home.

I work with energy and mindset. Energy comes from our life force, and we can heal absolutely every aspect of our lives with energy. Energy healing is like sprinting from A to B, whereas mindset work is like running a marathon or walking from A to Z.

There are many gurus or mentors out there who specialize in either mindset (NLP, hypnotherapy, coaching, mindfulness etc) or energy work (Reiki, intuitive healing). I have made sure that I specialize in both.

You can’t start a marathon with a broken leg, so that needs to be fixed first. This is where energy medicine comes in very handy. With deep dive energy healing, the broken parts can be fixed in an instant, so you are now able to participate fully in the marathon called LIFE.

The marathon itself goes much smoother when your mind is running along with you, in the same direction, rather than undermining you and pushing you backwards the whole way. And it goes much faster and is more fun when you can do a little bit of a sprint (tap into your energy) here and there.

When we learn how to work with energy as well as our mind, our life falls into alignment, and we become successful from a deeply authentic place. There will be no need for faking!

During my upcoming Surge to Success weekend on the 30th and 31st March, I teach you energy hacks, practices and powerful insights that will change your perspective forever and set you up for success, the same as it did for me.

What does stuckness or inauthenticity actually feel like?

I used to experience it as a dullness, a loss of vibrancy, lack of energy, or lack of confidence and procrastination. Sometimes stuckness shows up as an illness in the body. For many years I avoided confrontation or speaking my own truth.

But this is what I experienced: every single time I avoided saying what I really meant, something inside me died a little bit. And every time I did speak my truth, I became a little more alive. I felt revived.

Developing emotional intelligence and spiritual fitness is new territory that as a culture we are only just starting to explore.

To do this successfully, we need to overcome thousands of years of programming.

I created my Success Programs especially for you to help revive your life force, strip layers of stress away and to resolve your old hurts. This weekend is like giving yourself much needed CPR so you can breathe again as you connect with your heart/your innermost self. 

  • Are you ready for massive transformation?
  • Are you keen to discover your purpose? 
  • Do you want to have a rock solid connection with your intuition and other forms of positive energy, without constantly sabotaging yourself? 
  • Do you want to shed layers of pain and stuck habits?

Join me for my Surge to Success weekend the last weekend in March. This weekend intensive is so powerful that many of your blind spots will be uncovered and dealt with on the spot.

I will be able to guide you every step of the way and you will be journeying with a small, safe group of like minded people. Check out the link here : or talk to my team on 64283007.

It takes a lot of energy to please others, to fit in or to avoid conflict.

If we aren’t being authentic then we aren’t living a life that was intended for us by the Universe and we begin to lose trust in ourselves and our journey.

We start to second guess ourselves all the time and rely on external sources to give us happiness and joy. We become more and more insecure. Eventually our bodies will scream out at us with a variety of health problems or mental conditions.

Today, give yourself the grace and space to really feel what you are feeling without sugar coating it, editing, or judging or justifying.

with love, Grada