We all have memories we would rather forget.
Sometimes you believe they are gone, only to be confronted by the same old problem all over again.

It might be decades later. Just when you think you’ve got it together, things start to fall apart again. This time it hurts even more, because you have put years of blood sweat and tears into your successes at work/home/relationship/finances.

Take me for instance.
I would rather forget being stalked as a teenage girl, so I never mention it to anybody (other than my bestie).
To this day, my father doesn’t know about it. My mum died 14 years ago, blissfully unaware of this part of my history. Every morning I caught the train to high school. In the winter months, the sun hadn’t emerged by the time I hopped off the train. I had to walk the short, 15- minute distance to school in semi darkness.

One morning, to my horror (I was only 14) I attracted a stalker, a short stocky thirty something guy, who would follow me very closely and silently on his pushbike, while I walked as fast as I could. Other pedestrians, bikers and cars ignored me, or the danger I was in, even though they could tell it looked creepy! We had to walk through a dark tunnel, that went under the railway station and he would get up real close, and sometimes even touch my hair or shoulder. Thankfully, I was all wrapped up in thick winter gear, but the touch sent shivers of fear through my body. I decided that the safest tactic was to ignore him. I simply pretended he was air. I only ever told my best girlfriend and she felt just as helpless as I did. I didn’t confide in my parents, for fear of repercussions. I was too ashamed as well. I simply wished the problem to go away, and it did after several months. He wasn’t there one morning, and I never saw him again. I forgot about it and thought I had left all my ‘horrible history’ behind when I migrated to the safety of Tasmania, with Peter at age 19.

Let’s skip a few chapters and open the history book again at age 43. By now I am living in Forth, happily married with 6 children, enjoying my life and feeling rewarded at work, in the clinic we had opened a few years earlier. The only speck on the horizon is another stalker! And not just anybody, it’s a respected member of the local community. Several nights per week, his car is parked nearby, and we spot his presence on the fringes of our property. Thankfully our home is surrounded by a few acres, which offered me the same sort of (cold) comfort as my thick winter gear 2.5 decades earlier. Peter and the kids wanted to take action, but I urged them to let the problem run its course. I we ignored him, he would leave, and no harm would be done. Not long after the problem was solved.

A truck collected me in the back, and I left the scene for several months. The stalker disappeared that same day. Which is creepy when you think about it, because that confirmed that he had been a fair-dinkum stalker! Something that I had been in denial about till that point.

The near fatal accident gave me a fantastic opportunity to reflect on my life. I had always been so busy, that even when I meditated or stopped to reflect, I still never got real clarity. I knew that I was on track when it came to the big things in life, but as so often happens, the little things tripped me up. Whenever I felt challenged, I simply fell back into old behaviours. I was working so hard at improving myself, and I often ended up in the same place. I felt downright hopeless about that.

I didn’t realize that while my conscious mind tried so hard for years, my subconscious had other plans. My conscious mind wanted safety, security and a loving safe ‘nest’ for my family and community. My subconscious was running a program that said: ‘you are not worthy of safety/ security, happiness or success.” I literally had a ‘cap’ or ‘ceiling’ on my happiness levels. So, whenever I found myself in a good spot, and life was cruisy, along came a crisis. The more successful I felt, the bigger the disasters I needed to put me back ‘in my box’ (what great expressions we have). When I had a Near Death Experience, I got a helicopter view of my life.
I realised that I am so much more that my sabotages! I am not a victim of my history, I can co-create my own destiny!

How does that help you today? 

The moment you identify and release the subconscious beliefs behind the dysfunctional patterns, you end up with the results you have always wanted!

How do you know if you have a challenging sabotage in your subconscious? 

If the same issue has occurred 3 times or more, you know that you have a pattern that needs addressing.
Thankfully I was only stalked twice, and I didn’t need more evidence than that to realise I needed a serious de-frag of my computer. Today I am so grateful for my experiences. Life makes so much sense to me. The NDE left me with heightened intuitive skills, which allows me to see and feel where other peoples’ energies are blocked. Releasing those negativities frees up an enormous amount of energy that allows the body to become pain free and for conflicts and stresses to resolve.
With the insights, tools and energy hacks I share with you during the Surge to Success Program, you start to create the life you want from the inside out, without having to ‘almost’ die for it first!
I urge you to check it out and act today! The morning group (10a.m-12.30 p.m.) has been so popular that I have opened an evening group on the same dates, (7-9.30) pm so people don’t have to miss out.

Surge to Success – Make 2018 a year of transformation!
This empowering program is for women who struggle with:

  • Physical or Emotional Pain
  • Core Beliefs of Never Being Good Enough
  • Lack of self-trust or Confidence
  • Trauma from sexual manipulation or abuse, betrayal and the pressure to remain silent.

Where there is pain and struggle, lack of self-love is most likely at play.
This program will help you to uncover and dissolve unexpressed emotions that are negatively impacting your health, your relationships, your finances or any other area of your life, so you can attain greater abundance, joy, and freedom from pain.

The “Surge to Success” Program Outline
It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you will walk out of this program armed with step by step system of success, bursting with confidence, and free from your earlier limitations.  You will learn how to:

  • Align your heart with your deepest purpose and passion
  • Create balance and harmony in your life
  • Trust your gut instincts
  • Relax and rejuvenate your mind
  • Release trauma
  • Stop complaining, procrastinating and get things done
  • Know what to do to heal your body like I did
  • Lift yourself up out of the doldrums with my ‘energy hacks’


Being part of a group of likeminded women will really help you to delve right into your heart and soul, while feeling fully supported. During this time, I will function as your laser coach, mentor and shoulder to lean on. Coming back from the dead has given me a sixth sense of where you keep your pain/trauma in your body, how it’s holding you back and how you can let it go very quickly.

This can save you a lifetime of psycho analysing or confusion and many wasted dollars that can now go towards great experiences.

What if you were to die tomorrow, would you have any regrets?

If there are things you want to change, don’t leave it till tomorrow. You may not have the luxury of time. When push comes to shove, time is the most precious commodity we have, and much more important than money, the holiday overseas, or the new car. Any investment you make in transforming yourself pays off a million fold!

Some women are desperate for change, but are so overwhelmed they don’t know where to begin.

Others don’t even know they have many dormant unfulfilled dreams or passions. They just assume this is all there is to life.

And some women have travelled quite a way on their journey of self-realisation, but they are conscious that the brakes are on and need some help to get where they want to be now.

What does life changing really look like?


Maybe you are being called to steer your life in a completely new direction. Or maybe you simply want to bring more happiness, sanity and meaning into your life and be able to share that with your family and community.

Whatever it is you are looking for, I can help you find it during my new Surge to Success Program.  I can promise you, there will be many surprises and Aha moments about why you are not attracting as much love, health or success as you want.

Much love, Grada