In Chinese medicine there are 5 “toxic” emotions.

1. Sadness affects your heart. It is a collapsing energy that drains your vitality. 

2. Anger and Frustration affect your liver and gallbladder. 

3. Worry, apprehension and overthinking damages your stomach and pancreas. 

4. Fear, insecurity and anxiety affect the kidneys and bladder. 

5. Grief and the inability to let go weaken your lungs and large intestine. 

Each of us have our favourite ‘go to’ place for our suppressed emotions. Our personal Achilles Heel. You might be plagued with fatty liver or gallstones even though your diet is squeaky clean.
Perhaps you regularly come down with respiratory issues, starting with croup as a baby, asthma as a child, and chronic hay fever as an adult. Little do you realise that there is unexpressed grief in your lung cells.

Trauma is another thing. Our response to trauma is the same whether it is for a heart break or a physical trauma. It doesn’t matter what the source of our trauma is; we go into fight, flight or freeze and block out the hurt. We have done this since childhood. We block out our mental or emotional pain by tensing up and pushing it under, into our unconscious.

We misdirect our energies to stop ourselves from feeling any pain. We can’t be in the moment, we live in the past or in the future. We think it works, that we are getting away with it, not feeling or being who we are, but it doesn’t work.

We deny that its going to cost us, but the price is heavy: it is costing us our relationships and our life.

We think the only way to stop the pain is to stop the energy flow towards the pain. Unfortunately, this energy flow also contains everything else, it also contains our joy, happiness and contentment, not just our pain. When we block out anger, sadness or fear, we also stop the positive experiences of life.

We may not even be aware of what we are doing because we have walled off our wounds since the age of reason, since we were little. By walling off our wounds, we also wall off our connection to our core, our deepest self.

This repression could have started as early as in the womb. Each time we stopped the flow of energy in a painful event, when the fight, flight or freeze mechanism was activated, we froze that event in both time and energy.

If you recognize yourself in this story here are a few things you can do.
Supplement with Activator (http://bit.ly/2m4Ym1A) or Auralife (http://bit.ly/2m3wxH2 to shop online)

There are 2 reasons why you need the support of a complete nutritional supplement like Activator or Auralife: it takes a huge amount of energy to recover from trauma and suppressed emotions. Your body won’t even begin to think about healing till it has the nutritional support. Experts believe that it takes 7 times the amount of energy to just live your life like a ‘normal’ person, when you have trauma in your body.

Secondly, if you are nutritionally deficient, you are easily going to get traumatised by events that normally not even register. You become hypersensitive. It doesn’t take much to push you over the edge. If you took 60% of the nuts and bolts out of your car, how many bumps can it take before it starts to fall apart? Once you get all these nutrients in your system, you will suddenly feel amazingly resilient and easy going.

And by the way, that includes massive amounts of Magnesium, which is to the cells of your body what a search and rescue team is to you when you are hanging off a cliff. We usually recommend taking magnesium to bowel tolerance and then backing off a little. (http://bit.ly/2m2KmoW to purchase online)

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Take anger for instance. Anger lets you know that something isn’t right. Mother Nature blows a gale every now and then and the powerful gusts of wind rearrange the scenery. Old and dead branches fall to the ground, leaves and flowers are blown away, and everything that isn’t firmly bolted down is history.

This is exactly what anger is meant to do for us: we have to let it pass through us, so we get clarity. Sometimes we have to allow things to fall apart before they fall into place. Unlike mother Nature, we resist change. What we don’t understand is that what we resist persists!
There are intelligent ways to deal with our anger.
Suppressing your anger is not intelligent, it is dumb and dangerous. Imagine all that power of a gale force wind being bottled up inside your cells? You become a pile of anger looking for a trigger. You are a disaster waiting to happen. Wouldn’t you be better off harnessing all that power into creative pursuits that are going to give you a sense of selfworth?

Suppressed sadness often creates a hollowness in the tissues, and your body in all its wisdom chooses to fill those empty spaces with a tumour for instance.

Rather than slapping your body with the stick (chemotherapy, radiation, cutting and shutting, or painkillers and other medical drugs) isn’t it time you started listening to your inner most self? Or giving your body a chance to completely release the emotions, allowing your body to return to a state of balance?

You might find that if you replace the stick with the carrot, your body will start rewarding you for it. Your ‘right mind’ might suddenly return, or your tummy aches disappear, or your liver function tests return to normal, or you can breathe freely again.

Some great resources are:
taking time to slow right down,
deep breathing,
drinking more water,
applying essential oils,
calling a friend,
supplementing with the right supplements,
aura soma colour care products,
sitting on the beach,
spending quality time with your bestie,
playing with your dog,
spending time in nature,
dancing or singing.

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