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So you have had a few aha moments..
Perhaps you have even experienced a huge wakeup call…
But somewhere along the line you hit the snooze button and went back to ‘unconsciousness’
That’s exactly what I did.

The greatest gift that came to me during a serious MVA in January 2006 was a Near Death Experience. For a moment I experienced pure bliss, unconditional love and peace that just went on and on. I didn’t have to do anything for it. I just dropped into it after I left my body.

Unbeknownst to me, in that instance I became ‘embodied’ to my true self. I experienced LOVE on such a deep level, that all my cells lit up with it, pushing out all my former fear-based beliefs. I recovered from near fatal injuries in record time. Even though I was paralysed, I hardly spent any time in the wheelchair and was back at work within 6 months.

Fast forward 2 short years. It is January 2008 and suddenly I find myself in a private psychiatric hospital in Burnie. I spent the summer there, locked within the broken pieces of my mind, trying to make sense of my life.
What had happened?

What had happened was that I had hit the snooze button. It’s one thing to experience pure bliss and unity with the Divine Source, it’s another thing to keep embodying that on your return to society.

Not only had I hit the snooze button and gone back into a state of slumber, I had also found the diffuser button. I didn’t have the courage to share my moments of deepest transformation within my community. I simply diffused the energy somewhat and slipped back into my comfortable old self, Grada the mum (not very comfortable with 6 teenage kids), Grada the healer/therapist/health guru, Grada the life of the party and so on.

I kept up the show till January 2008, when suddenly I woke up to a ‘brain tumour’. Or so I thought. I felt so alien and weird in my mind that I booked an MRI, because I was convinced I had cancer in my brain. It sounds funny now, but it was far from funny at the time. Thankfully my GP had been observing me warily for 2 years as part of my recovery and she immediately organised a spot with a psychiatrist, who took one look at me and had me committed.

I didn’t have a brain tumour, I had severe mental illness.
I was able to drive myself to the hospital, and Eve drove my car home. She stayed with me while I unpacked my bags in my hospital room. I was cracking jokes and making light of the situation, in a tragic effort to keep up appearances till the minute she left the hospital grounds. I watched her drive away, walked back through the main entrance, found my room, got into my PJ’s and crawled into bed, knowing that I had a long hard road ahead of me. That is if I ever found my way back to NORMALITY.

I did what I had always longed for but never given myself an opportunity to do: I slept for two days. Then one of the nurses told me I had to start mixing with the other ‘inmates’ as I called us. I reluctantly left my room for daily activities and refused shock treatments and drugs as much as I could. I had to admit to myself that I was completely emotionally, mentally and spiritually bankrupt behind my brittle façade. I didn’t just want to push the symptoms around, I wanted to find healing on all levels, so I would never have to go through anything like this again.

After my agonising return from the dead I knew that suicide wasn’t an option. I wanted to be here for the kids and Peter, and I also knew that I had chosen to come back to life for a reason. That didn’t mean that I didn’t toy with the idea of opting out. While I kept up a bright smile to my visitors, the twin towers were collapsing behind my eyes non-stop. Only the psychiatrist and doctor knew how bad things were on the inside. Peter and the children didn’t have the foggiest, and neither did anyone else. They could tell that my pupils were enlarged from heightened sense of danger, that I couldn’t sit still and that I avoided noise and company as I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder, PTSD, Claustrophobia, Paranoia, and Agoraphobia. I didn’t want Peter and the kids to suffer more than they had already had from the accident, so I kept my symptoms below the surface as much as I could.

It took me a long time to figure out where I had gone wrong and to find my way out off the woods. I read every book under the sun, cried bucket loads of tears (in the safety of my bedroom) travelled the world for answers, meditated, prayed, ate very healthy and studied Trauma Release Techniques and Energy Medicine with some of the world leaders. The Universe gave me much needed time off from work/family to contemplate on life and death, by giving me bowel blockages whenever my stress levels went up. I was like a turtle that had lost its shell. Going on short holidays or study trips nearly always unravelled me. I ended up severely ill in hospitals in Hong Kong, Chicago, Sydney and Brisbane. I had many ‘holidays’ in the Mersey hospital, where I always got a hero’s welcome.

My body finally turns the corner in January 2013. Johanan, my eldest son is sitting on my bed at home in Forth. He and Alana and two kids are over on a holiday from Adelaide and my roomy house is almost too small for my ever-expanding family. Each time the grandkids run past my bedroom window, the vibrations through the floor boards send shockwaves of pain through my abdomen. I have just returned home from another lifesaving operation, and as much as I am trying to be brave, I can’t hide my pain from Johanan, who is a vet and highly intuitive. He dryly remarks that abdominal surgery is the order of the day in his veterinary clinic, and that they often have to stop cats from climbing the curtains, or dogs from running around because they recover so fast from these types of operations. I take that as cold comfort. My tummy is grotesquely tight and swollen, with angry scars and bruising. There is no way I am going to move an inch, let alone climb trees or curtains!

I guess Johanan really meant that he was in awe of the spirit of the animal kingdom. He always had been a lover of creatures, studying bees and ants as a toddler, then mice and chooks as a kindy kid, and then dogs, cats, cows, pigs, geese, ducks and ponies during his teenage years when we were ‘homesteading’ in the remote sticks of Tasmania. Those nappies filled, home grown vegies and freshly baked bread days were long gone, along with my old self.

That is not to say I am not in awe of our human spirit. I am! It is indomitable, amazing, and forever healing itself. It can rise from the dust after being pulverized. It has the solution to all our problems. It is unstoppable, if we only give it a chance, like animals do.

Today, I feel healthier, calmer, fitter and more fulfilled than ever. I have come out better rather than bitter. It is my deepest desire to show you how you too can overcome your obstacles. I know from my painful experience what works and what doesn’t. When I was in pain, I would have given a million dollars for somebody to show me the quickest way out. I have now become the healer/mentor I so desperately needed myself in those dark moments of the soul.

Pain is pain, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and we all want a way out. I promise you that if you practice the steps that I will show you in my Surge to Success Program, you will start to recover from your pain, stress or trauma, so you can start living the life you were meant to live. It is never too late!

Which part of your life needs a Miracle?

1. Do you want more energy and less pain?
2. Are you overlooked or mistreated?
3. Are you playing it small, when underneath it all, you know you can do so much better?
4. Are you undervalued at work?
5. Is there never enough money?
6. Is your intuition shut down?
7. Do you always trigger people?
8. Are you never feeling ‘good enough’?
9. Can’t remember when you last felt strong, calm and peaceful?
10. Do you want to have more impact and be an influencer?
11. Do you want to feel less awkward and have more confidence in yourself?
12. Do you want to meet, grow and evolve with a group of likeminded women and build friendships for life?

Whatever your intention or desire is, Surge to Success will alter your life for the better.

I still have spots for my Surge to Success program, which starts on Thursday the 14th July, at 10 a.m, here in Forth. Make sure you don’t miss out, because I keep the group small on purpose.

One thing is for sure: if you keep hitting the snooze button life will give you more and more pain. Pain is one of the most effective ways to let us know we are not on track!

When you work with me, I can tell you where your life force is kinked or shut down causing you pain. I will be able to coach you why some things haven’t worked for you in the past, even though you have tried so hard.

Learn how to heal old wounds, forgive easier, protect yourself from negativity, a create more intimate and rewarding relationships with the people who matter the most to you.

When I initially saw the advertisement for this course (Surge to Success), I was very interested however I did not sign up straight away. I have been disappointed before with other courses I have attended so I was sceptical about the promises made by Grada. I deliberated over it for weeks until finally I decided to risk being disappointed again.

I am very happy to say I was not disappointed. I have learnt so much about my inner life and am now committed to practicing the techniques I learnt each and every day. I feel connected to myself, empowered and am truly loving myself more than I have ever done, warts and all.

I would recommend this course to you if you are interested in understanding and connecting to your energy field and gaining insight on how to deal with situations that arise in your life. It is all about energy and it isn’t complicated.

Take the plunge…

Are you ready to take the leap and unleash your potential, and have greater impact on the world? Call Luisa on 64283007 or click here to register your interest.

much love! Grada