Are you unwittingly killing yourself?

Stomach acid drugs can be dangerous for your kidneys I am reading in today’s health articles. Fifty years of data revealed that people taking PPI’s or Proton Pump Inhibitors to reduce stomach acidity, increased their risk of chronic kidney disease by nearly one third and kidney failure by a whopping 96%!  

If you are on PPI’s such as Nexium, Losec or Zoton you need to have your kidneys tested for potential damage every 6 months. It was recommended that GP’s no longer prescribe them long term. However the message fell on deaf ears because as of 2016 millions of people are on stomach acid suppressants for years on end. 

To make matters worse, proton pump inhibitor drugs have recently become available over the counter in many countries, so you don’t even need a prescription. This is a huge problem because many people don’t know that they are taking a large risk with regards to their kidneys and overall health.

If you can’t remember why you started taking PPI’s in the first place, it was probably to do with an annoying burning feeling you experienced after eating a meal. You would have been diagnosed with so-called acid reflux and prescribed a Nexium or Losec to kill the pain and ‘protect’ your stomach. However you were told a lie: far from protecting you, now it appears they slowly destroy your kidneys and starve your body of vital nutrients. You have been given the wrong treatment because your heart burn was much more likely caused by low stomach acid levels or “hypochlorhydria“than too much stomach acid! When the stomach doesn’t have enough acid, food will sit in the stomach and ferment. The fermentation of food results in gas. The escaping gas affects the esophagus and leads to heartburn.

There are many factors which lead to low stomach acids.

  • Drinking with your meals. (Confine your fluid intake to between meals)
  • Stress of any kind
  • Overeating and eating too quickly.
  • Drinking alcohol and carbonated beverages.
  • Grains, sugar and starches commonly aggravate reflux. (Basing your diet on bone broths, vegetables, meats, eggs and healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil and butter can provide immense relief.)
  • Eating just before you go to bed. Dinner should be at least 3 hours before bedtime.

When someone with low levels of stomach acid takes an antacid, they are getting rid of their digestive and defensive powers. If food isn’t broken down adequately you starve yourself of many essential nutrients. This leads to a weakened immune system, chronic tiredness, low libido, depression or anxiety and osteoporosis. Stomach acid is also one of the body’s first lines of defense against harmful viruses and bacteria and parasites. One bacterium, H. Pylori is normally destroyed by the stomach acid. When you suffer from low stomach acid, H. Pylori thrives and causes ulcers. It will also be difficult to remain free from intestinal parasites and you may need repeated doses of Neemblend or Diatomaceous Earth or (worm tablets).

Low stomach acid levels is not only the hidden cause of burning sensations in the stomach,  it is also the leading cause of Anemia, Thyroid issues, brittle nails, anxiety, depression, low libido, impotence and allergies because of the starvation caused by the non-absorption of vitamins and minerals such as iron from the food.

It’s been estimated that 75% of Americans struggle with too little stomach acid. I suppose Australians are no different. Thankfully there is a real remedy and it is called Betaine HCL.

Betaine HCL is safe, easy and affordable. It is a natural chemical substance derived from beets which enhances stomach acids. Research has found that the stomach’s levels of hydrochloric acid fall with age after the age of 21. Betaine has been recommended by both naturopaths and medical doctors to compensate for hypochlorhydria.

Aside from balancing your stomach acids, Betaine HCL tends to help with acne, gallstones, Candida, constipation and thyroid function. Judicious use of HCL supplementation is the key. This way your body starts to assimilate minerals, adding to your mineral reserves. Once this happens your HCL production starts to naturally increase again.



Here is how you judiciously supplement with Betaine HCL

  • Upon completion of a meal with protein (fish, egg, meat) take one HCL capsule
  • The more proteins you eat, the more HCL you may need
  • If you do not feel a warming sensation in your tummy, take 2 the next meal.
  • If you do not feel a warming sensation in your tummy after that meal, take 3 the next meal.
  • And so on till your reach a maximum of five 600 mg capsules.
  • Then, at the next meal, back off one capsule and stay at that dosage for all successive meals until you begin to feel a warm sensation again, then back off another capsule and stay at that dosage for successive meals.
  • When you feel a warm sensation again, back off another capsule.
  • Continue until you are down to one HCL capsule with each meal.
  • Drinking ½ teaspoon of baking soda stirred into 8 ounces of water will remedy an overdose of HCL.
  • If reflux occurs at night or at least 2 hours after a meal, bicarbs of soda dissolved in water is a safe remedy.
  • Slippery elm or Sialeck before you start your meals will help to heal the mucous lining of your body.


If you are in a continual state of stress or fight and flight, you will need more Betaine HCL. It is important that your body learns to relax and unwind again so your digestion will improve easier.  Regular combination treatments of Kinergetics, massage, reflexology or cranio-sacral or detox foot and facial, are ideal to restore health and well-being. 

There are some other tried and true options that have stood the test of time:

  • Swedish Bitters with your meals. Swedish bitters kick off the production of Hydrochloric Acid. Swedish Bitters has been around for centuries with a solid history of health benefits
  • The juice of a lemon or a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in some water
  • A portion of fermented foods with each meal
  • One capful of apple cider vinegar and 3 drops of Thieves Essential oil in half a glass of water before bedtime.
  • Beetflow with every meal. We usually recommend that you use Betaine HCL in combination with Beetflow.

Beets have been used throughout history as a powerful blood cleanser. They are loaded with electrolytes and Vitamin C and heaps of other nutrients that support the liver and kidneys. When you consider that the kidneys filter 1600 liters of blood every day and the liver has over 500 functions, the most important one to purify our blood, it seems a real no-brainer to use a beetroot product to support your vital organs.

The pigment in Beets is called Betelain and this is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal agent which detoxifies the body. In the Purple House we have observed that clients who use Beetflow on a regular basis improve their digestion (no more burping and bloating) their circulation, their lymphatic system, their skin, their blood pressure, their iron levels, their liver function and some clients kidney function improved to the point where they were able to avoid kidney dialysis.

According the David Wolfe (a contemporary health guru) the oxalic acid in beet juice dissolves bad calcium deposits in the body (think of kidney stones, heel and spinal spurs, as well as clogged up arteries).He says that drinking lots of beetroot juice may result in strong detox symptoms. When calcium dissolves, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and viruses are released from their hiding places. Therefore it is important to start off with small dosage.

Beetflow $79.20 for 180 capsules which is 2 months supply. You usually take these with meals, but as a liver cleanse you can take a couple of Beetflow every half an hour for 2 or 3 hours. This helps to dissolve gall stones and stimulates the bile flow.

If all else fails make your own Beetroot juice, but make sure you avoid overloading it with carrots and fruits which are high in fructose!

Check out our website: www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au or ring our friendly receptionist on 64283007 to discuss your options or do a phone order. Till next time! Grada