A few weeks ago, I got stung by a bee.

I had noticed it earlier in the day on my kitchen bench and that night when I turned the tap on, I suddenly felt a pang of pain in my little finger.

It had left its stinger right on the point of the heart meridian.

Today I was reminded of the bee again.

Because there are no coincidences or accidents in our Universe.

You could say that everything has been planned, down to the minutest details.

When we are in flow, synchronicities happen and we feel supported.

But when we get hurt, from a seemingly random bee sting for instance, it is not so easy to feel that the Universe has our back.

It takes a while to see the benefits, but things always happen FOR us.

The poor bee actually sacrificed its life to teach me a lesson about staying on course.

Bees make a bee line for it. They don’t fly around like a blowfly, all over the place, making a lot of noise, distracted and wasting a lot of energy in the process, and not having much to show for it at the end of the day.

A bee’s body is so heavy and big compared to its wings that it almost defies the law of gravity that it can fly.

It decides on a destination and then flies to it in a straight line.

It gets the pollen and at the end of the day (or months) there is honey.

Bees also carry such a heavy burden that they can’t afford to waste any energy.

They even have an inbuilt navigation system, where they can always find their beehive even after it has been shifted.

Bees can even ESP, they know where the beekeeper is going to put their hives before it’s been moved.

How can you be like a more like a bee and less like a pesky blowfly, with so much fear and uncertainty around you?

Set a powerful intention every day for yourself, for your loved ones and for our planet.

Our planet is going through a transformation that is happening with a tremendous amount of intensity over a short period of time.

Perhaps you are having trouble keeping up with it..

And yet you are evolving too..

The pace of your evolution or how quickly you are going from one level of consciousness to the next, can trigger a lot of anxiety in your nervous system.

Tonight I am showing you a short cut to staying calm, centred and at peace amongst the chaos.

So you don’t react in fear or anger or frustration, because that is the very consciousness that created some of the problems that we see in our world.

You need to move above that to a greater consciousness by dropping into your heart.

Once energy makes it to your heart you start to feel love.

When you do this exercise every day, you begin to release high levels of oxytocin and you start to self regulate this.

Oxytocin suppresses the survival centres of the brain.

When you have oxytocin running through your veins, you can’t be in survival.

You can’t even hold a grudge.

The feeling (which is self love) feels so amazing that you don’t want to lose it.

Self love isn’t selfish.

Self-love helps you to go from a place of fear and scarcity to a place of abundance, where you want to connect, collaborate, and share what you have.

You want to give, you want people to feel the same way you feel, you feel so whole that you don’t need anything any longer.

And when we all feel like that, we have arrived home.

Much love, till next week! Grada

Ps: if you remain stuck in stress or anxiety, I am here to support you through your tough patches.

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