Unravelling the mystery.

I wonder if the word ‘mystery’ is short for ‘missing-story’. We humans only see and process one billionth of reality. I have discovered that when our version of reality doesn’t match the other version hidden in the tissues of our body, suffering ensues. That is when clients come to us. We are always looking for the part of the story that is ‘missing’. It could be the tiniest part or it might be a huge epiphany but when we find the key that fits into the lock, the mystery is solved and health, happiness and order are restored.

Hence when you come to us for a treatment we always listen with two ears: one ear is hearing what you are saying and at the same time the other ear is listening to what your body is trying to tell us. Strange enough, it isn’t always the same thing as you will learn in this story about two clients.

back-pain-and-exercise.jpg The first one is a middle aged man who walked in with difficulty. He had a serious car accident about five years ago which affected his walk. He suffered from debilitating headaches and couldn’t sleep at night unless he sat up in bed, propped up by pillows. He had no energy. I noticed on his history sheet that he had seen physiotherapists and chiropractors for years. I suspected that mechanically speaking, everything that could be done had been done.

I decided to give him a 10 minute massage anyway, to see if I could find something others had missed. Immediately I felt a blockage in the flow of energy through the heart centre. An energy block in the heart chakra/energy centre has widespread effects on the entire body because of the link with the immune system and the lungs. The drain on the immune system would rob him of any energy he had left after a bad night’s sleep. I didn’t say anything and moved on to reflexology.

images (6).jpgThe whole body is mapped out on the feet and there are 7000 nerve endings on each foot that are connected to every part of the body. Sometimes all I need to do is work the reflex points and the body releases energy blocks of its own accord. I was hoping that this was the case because it was 6pm and I had had a busy day. However the more I wanted the energy to move, the more stuck it became. That usually means that the body won’t let it go until I identify the underlying emotional stress and share it with the owner of the body (unravel the mystery). I decided to introduce my client to kinesiology. I used the arm to get a simple yes and no response and by asking a series of questions I realized that his marriage was in a sorry state and there was a lot of resentment in his heart to do with the accident which he blamed for the stresses in his marriage.

We spent the last 15 minutes doing kinesiology. Often when there is pain many years after an accident this is caused by traumatic memories trapped inside the tissue of the body. It really isn’t anything to do with the actual changed structure of the body. The dysfunction is hidden inside the invisible layers of the body/mind and it can stay there till the day we die. As long as we hold onto and ‘energize’ past feelings of injury, humiliation, fear or anger for instance, it becomes harder and harder for healthy, positive energy to flow. Even if we think we have dealt with an incident really well, these emotions can still be stuck in the unconscious, eventually manifesting as health problems.

My client realized that he hadn’t really moved on since the accident so with the help of his unconscious and explaining things to him consciously we managed to unblock his heart chakra and balance his energy fields. I felt optimistic that another couple of sessions would see him completely pain free. However a week later I heard that he had cancelled all future appointments. The argument was that these were not the kind of treatments he was looking for. He didn’t want to include his unconscious mind in the treatment sessions; he just wanted to get his body right. Little did he know that his body is governed by his unconscious mind and the fastest way to health and happiness is to address the subconscious directly…….

perception.jpg The funny thing was that the next day I had a client who didn’t want me to treat his body or even touch it. He suffered from acute anxiety and panic and he felt it was all ‘mental’.

I asked him where he felt the anxiety, was it somewhere outside his body? No, he admitted, he mostly felt it in the pit of his stomach and inside his head. Anxiety is a terrible thing. I can relate to it very well. At one point I spent close to 8 weeks inside a mental hospital in 2008 with Panic Disorder. It was impossible for me to function as a normal human being. Waves of terror used to paralyse my legs, take over my breathing and grip my brain in an iron vice, making it impossible to think.

In the hospital we were taught CPT, which stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It certainly had some merits, I could see that. I had to scrutinize all my thoughts and do the three C’s: catch, check and change my thoughts. I found this extremely difficult to do when my body was in the grip of fear. When I was released from the hospital I felt far from recovered and more of a failure than ever before. I didn’t get any real help till I started to do therapies that involved healing at the unconscious level.

history books.jpg It is now clear to me that we are walking history books. Every cell of our body carries the history of our short existence here as well as some seemingly random parts of our ancestors. We can’t separate the mind from the body. In the case of my first client: he thought that his symptoms were purely of a physical nature and only wanted me to treat his body. My second client thought he was going crazy which he believed was a mental disorder and wanted his body left alone during the treatment.

I certainly felt for my client as he was trying to get comfortable in my treatment room. He looked like a rabbit stunned by the headlights of an oncoming car. I convinced him to let me do some reflexology to allow his nervous system to unwind and to establish report with his unconscious.

When the body/mind goes into overload you can experience all sorts of unpleasant sensations in the body at the most inconvenient times. My client felt that he was losing control. It was very brave of him to come to me for help. With continued muscle testing and absolute honesty we started to put the pieces of the puzzle together and completely diffused the electrically charged memories that caused him so much grief. His story had a happy ending and he continued to go from strength to strength as he uncovered more about himself with regular once-a-month sessions.

People are always surprised that their bodies know everything about themselves. They think that we, the practitioner are some sort of gurus, when in reality all we do is feeding back to the client what their bodies tell us. Kinesiology often confronts us with a truth we are afraid to face on a conscious level. The truth is not scary at all when it comes up during a session, and so it becomes a safe and gentle way to completely change the way to think and feel about yourself.

brain.jpg The brain is actually the physical counterpart of the all-knowing mind. The mind is what directs and activates every part of the body. Your arm muscle is attached to the brain and when we present the brain/Mind with a series of questions it will give us a truthful answer. The body will also tell us how to defuse the stresses it carries within its tissues and cells.

Normally the past continues to exist in our bodies and we keep in creating a future like our past. It’s as if we can’t get away from our past. Take a good hard look at your life and your family history: are there unwanted patterns that continually repeat themselves? It is now possible to change these negative frequencies which are locked in your unconscious mind and we can create a future that actually works for us, not against us.

Isn’t it exciting that these therapies are available to us no, at this present time? Complementary therapies continue to improve, evolve and become more powerful at the same pace as the big sister, Modern Medicine. I figure that as life becomes more complex and challenging and as the environment becomes more polluted and society more stressful, we need therapies at hand that can work deep, fast and shift our history to such a degree that it not only frees us, but also our children and future offspring. They are being freed from suffering the mistakes we made and from the burdens of their ancestral past. As a result their DNA comes out squeaky clean.

Whereas it used to be possible to take a year off to recover from something like chronic fatigue, we now don’t have that kind of luxury anymore. For complete and immediate healing to happen we need to work in cooperation with the Mind and Body. Every ailment needs to be seen as three dimensional: it has a biochemical, emotional and spiritual component. Perhaps there are many more dimensions out there, but I am not enlightened enough to see those clearly yet.

In the meantime I encourage you to create a better, happier and more inspiring life for yourself every day and to regularly book in for sessions at the Purple House, in the same way that you would take your car in for a regular maintenance.

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home_img.jpg If you are interested in learning Kinergetics, which is a very fast form of kinesiology that we use at the Purple House, you will now have the opportunity to do a series of weekend workshops in February at my place, 47 Wilmot Rd. Philip Rafferty, the founder of kinergetics will be conducting the workshops which is a special privilege because Philip is in demand in every part of the world. This class is open to beginners and experiences practitioners alike and you will learn from the best!

When: Sunday Jan 29. BNT $225. repeat $45. BNT stands for his one-day Balancing Nutrition and Toxicity (BNT) workshop. Many people with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have experienced significant improvement during the workshop.

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