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  • Are you sick and tired of lathering on cortisone creams to stop irritating skin rashes OR other creams and lotions that seem to help for a while then lose their effect?
  • Have you been recommended bleach baths for chronic acne, not realising most resident bacteria are friendly and now they have been wiped out, so you are back to square one?
  • Are you looking for a solution that works?

We can help you!

First let me explain how your skin is also referred to as your third kidney.

Kidneys filter the blood of excess electrolytes, metabolic wastes, and toxins.

They love filtering thin blood about the consistency of red wine.

If the blood becomes like thick like tomato sauce their job is made very difficult.

Wastes and toxins remain floating around in your body.

The kidneys are actually our secondary filtering system.

The liver being the primary detoxification organ also filters the blood at a rate of 1.5 to 2 litres of blood every minute.

Your liver gets very stressed when you are dehydrated.

Did you know that water is really the only thing to thin your blood?

If your liver and kidneys are having difficulty removing the toxins from your body, then the body in all it’s wisdom will deposit those toxins as far away from your vital organs as possible, near your skin.

It attempts to expel the toxins through the pores of your skin, creating all sorts of skin problems.

The bacteria on the skin then enter via a hair follicle to assist in the clean-up of sick and dying skin cells and white cells from the blood stream accumulate to help with healing.

The resulting condition is what we call acne.

Pustules are mainly dead white cells.

If you want to have clear and radiant skin, keep your liver and kidneys working well to clear toxic rubbish from your body so they don’t accumulate under the skin.

So keep yourself well hydrated and assist the liver and kidneys by dilating firstly the blood vessels and secondly the tiny ducts that drain the waste, with Taurine.

Taurine, an amino acid found mainly in red meats, and nitric acid from the red beets both will support your liver and kidneys.

Smokers who constrict their arteries with nicotine can maintain normal arterial circumferences by taking 500 mg of taurine three times a day, that’s how powerful it is.

Nitric acid has the same effect.

Both also dilate the small biliary ducts and kidney tubules to promote healthy detoxification of the body, being able to drain the toxic wastes more efficiently.

You have the added benefit of the beets being fermented which builds up the good gut bacteria as well.

James came to us covered nearly head to toe with very itchy eczema/dermatitis to which he had been applying copious amounts of creams for years.

His skin was almost clear within two months of taking a superior probiotic – Immuno-Synbiotic X-flam.

Another one of our clients brought her elderly mum to us a few years ago asking if there was anything her mum could do to avoid going on dialysis for kidney failure.

We recommended she take Beetflow 2 capsules three times a day.

She didn’t require dialysis.

The liver was able to rid the body of toxins and wastes efficiently again and it took the load off the kidneys.

Beet Flow has both taurine and nitric acid from the red beet as well as glutamine needed to heal the gut.

Deryk had terrible itchy skin which had prevented him sleeping in the same bed as his wife for over six months due to his continual scratching, even in his sleep.

He had been on oral and topical cortisone but nothing was helping long term.

Within 3 weeks of taking Beet Flow, Detoxicator (an enzyme blend plus extra beet powder and toxin absorbers as well as black walnut for parasite control) and Immunosynbiotic Xflam, he was back in his own bed and comfortable in his skin.

Now not only had his skin cleared he was feeling much more energetic from his digestive system working much better.

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