Shedding a light on the subject! (by Pete)

Lights, lights and more lights. Forty LED’s arrived today to replace the antiquated downlights in the Purple House. The old ones have cost us a ton of money in Hydro bills since opening in 2007 “But you certainly can’t have too many lights”, I am thinking as I am carting the boxes of new ones into the building.

This is actually what I do every day for a living at the clinic: shining a big light on my clients’ issues so they can see for themselves what the root cause of their problem is. I am often flabbergasted at how many times I need to shine the light on the same thing over and over before people see what I see.

Take my client from last week for instance. I had seen her many times before. She returned just for another check on her health. First, we chatted about some stressful circumstances going on at home.

“I am fine with it”, she states.

“How is your blood pressure these days?” I ask her.

“Oh, that has been up a bit lately, and my GP is suggesting that maybe we need to look at starting medication.”

I proceeded to check her lying (resting fully dressed on my massage table) and standing blood pressures, which is the initial stage of a Biomedx session/Full Health Consultation.

Hmmm….. the top one is elevated quite a bit. It is too high for a person her age, but then when she stood up, it plummeted down even though her heart rate started racing trying to keep it up: two sure markers of permanently switched on adrenals…..STRESS!

I quickly count her breath rate and then get her to hold her breath for as long as she could. This determines her acid/base balance far more accurately than popular pH strips. We all fall into the trap of wanting to know if “am I too acid?” a question we hear all too often. There is a lot more to the picture than testing your urine with pH strips.

I gather a few more signs that confirm she is stuck firmly in the stress side of her autonomic nervous system. “I am fine with it” is clearly not working for her body!

“How much magnesium are you taking?” I ask.

“Oh, I only take a few when my muscles get tight.”

How many times have I shone the light on that one, I wonder to myself. “Well, you know that magnesium is the essential mineral to drop you out of that stress side of your autonomic nervous system and none of us really ever get anywhere near enough!” I wonder whether the new LED’s will penetrate enough light onto the subject!

Next comes a finger prick for 3 drops of blood. Yes, that is all it takes. One for a dried blood sample to examine oxidative stress in your body. Another one for a glucometer/blood sugar level and the last one for a live blood sample.

Her blood sugar test shows 6.5 mmol/l. According to the medical community it’s the top end of normal. But it has been three hours since she had a last meal and it should be on the way down. There is literature to support that everything

above 6 mmol/l is causing inflammation at the cell level. It is starting to ‘burn’ the tissues. It also indicates the onset of insulin resistance.

I explain once more that our cells can make energy from sugars on the one hand and fats on the other. If we were lucky enough to have been breastfed as a newborn, we produced at least 54% of our energy from saturated fats. “Saturated fats!” I hear you exclaim. “Aren’t they meant to be bad for us? What about my cholesterol levels? Won’t they make me fat?”

So I turn the light up a bit brighter and explain that sugars are the villains and fats are the best fuel source you can ever give your cells. You don’t need insulin to get it into the cells and fats give you nice steady energy all day long, without the harmful spikes and lows that you get from sugars or carbohydrates.

Next we look at her live blood. We see her cells moving around under the light of the microscope. The red cells are sticking together in threes and fours. Ideally the red blood cells are all nicely separated from each other. Dehydration, poor digestion of proteins and toxins such as aluminium for example cause this phenomenon.

“Where would I get aluminium from?” I hear.


“Do you use commercial deodorants? Do you consume canned foods or drinks? Everything we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream. We constantly need to ask ourselves, would I eat this toothpaste? Would I drink my hairspray, shampoo, make-up or browning cream? If the answer is NO, then don’t put it on your body. Your skin is your biggest organ and soaks up everything you put on it. Read the labels. We personally use either Young Living essential oils or Thieves toothpaste as a deodorant. It keeps you smelling nice and fresh all day and contains no nasties!” I tell my client.

The individual red cells under the light of the microscope are a disc that is slightly concave or hollow on both sides. Upon closer inspection, I notice that a lot of her cells look like ‘target cells’ which means they have a hollow centre. The light of the scope can’t penetrate the membranes of the cells where they have become too concave or hollow.

I switch the lens of my microscope over to darkfield and my suspicion is confirmed. It now looks like a snowstorm on the screen. I explain that “all these ‘snowdrops’ are little fat particles that your cells haven’t been able to access as energy. It’s fuel in the fuel tank you are unable to use. And the hollow cells tell me that your membranes which are made of fats, aren’t getting adequate fat to be made properly.”

“Are the membranes made of fats?” my client queries.

“Yes, that is correct. Every cell in your body has a membrane made of fat. That is a lot of fat your body needs to create healthy cells every day!” I reply.

Not only do we need to eat a good amount of healthy fats three times per day, we also have to be able to digest our fats properly and that is the role of the liver and gallbladder. The liver produces about 1 litre of bile per day. Bile is highly alkaline, or caustic and breaks down the fat particles so it can be fuel for our cells. Trouble starts when your bile has become too sticky, caused by our western style diet, predominantly consisting of carbohydrates and processed foods. Now your body is struggling to assimilate fats while our cells are crying out for it. (remember that breastmilk is classified as perfect food for humans at 54% saturated fats). The answer is to keep eating healthy fats, and supplement with 1 or 2 Beetflow each meal. This makes your bile nice and runny and restores your digestion.

You will know it is working again when you stop bloating, burping or worse after your meals. You can even do a quick liver detox by taking 2 Beetflow every 30 minutes for 2 to 3 hours. This will help soften any potential gallstones stuck in the bile duct and then your liver can offload toxins. Beetflow is also an answer to IBS and ulcerative colitis, because your intestines are not sterilised and protected by your bile if it is too sticky and thick. Eat your healthy fats and avoid carbohydrates instead. Did you know that the flour from one slice of toast turns into 6 teaspoons of sugar once it is inside your body? We can cope with 1 teaspoon of sugar four times per day. All the rest is being converted to white fat and cholesterol, clogging up your liver first, then it goes around other organs and finally it is deposited as spare tyres. I nearly wrote ‘tires’ and yes, we do get sick and tired, carrying around all that excess weight, let alone the inflammation the sugar levels are causing!

I almost forgot to mention that the most essential thing to maintain good blood pressure is water. Yes, we need 1 litre for every 30kg of body-weight to adequately hydrate us. You need a lot more if you drink coffee, caffeinated drinks, black tea or alcohol. These all have a dehydrating effect.

I had one client with blood pressures of 155/95 and she was only young, around 35 years old. She needed 3 litres of water per day. Three months after consistently drinking 4 litres of water per day her blood pressures had dropped to a healthy 130/80. That was the only thing she changed in her lifestyle. Her kidneys loved her for it every minute of the day and night. Yes, she peed a lot more but that is what kidneys love to do. A dilute blood doesn’t take any energy to filter and our kidneys filter an ocean of blood per lifetime. Every 24 hours they filter 1600 litres! Kidneys working overtime because they are filtering thick blood is what pushes our blood pressures up. Kidney stress always precedes heart stress! Often your kidn

eys have been pushing tomato sauce around rather than red wine, many years before you are struck down by a ‘sudden’ heart attack. Prevention is better than cure!

If you are curious to see what your own blood will tell you (everyone is unique and no two blood samples are the same) call our friendly receptionists on 64283007 and book in for a blood consultation or full Biomedx session. Alternatively, you can check out www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au for more details of our services. To order products online:  http://bit.ly/shopatforth

Let the light of the microscope reveal what is happening deep inside the cells of your body!

Hope you enjoyed my blog. There is more to come, but I will let you digest this story first. Till next time! Peter

PS: since I started eating half a packet of organic butter per day (on top of my normal fats, like coconut oil and olive oil) I lost 8 kilos and have never felt better!

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