What secret elixir do we have at The Purple House? People could have been excused thinking I had been helping myself to something as I skipped animatedly out late one evening quite oblivious to the cold driving rain. I had become high on ketones!! Not my own either!

My last client had returned from his initial visit three weeks previously and I had repeated some of the tests. To my delight it showed 2 pluses of ketones in his urine. It doesn’t take much for me to get on a high. Ketones in someones urine! How come that gets me excited you may ask? Well let me tell you…

When we are born and lucky enough to be breast fed, (the ideal food for a baby), we actually make 54% of our energy from saturated fats. But babies lay around and sleep most of the time you might say. Yes and when they’re awake you just watch them; they’re moving almost constantly. A man approached a guru one time and asked what he should do to become really fit. The guru said to him for two weeks he was to do everything his 5 year old son did. “Thats all I need to do?” he asked, thinking the guru didn’t really know what he was talking about. “Ok” he agreed, “that should be easy.” Little did he know that in less than a day he’d be begging the guru to be able to stop. He’d been running and jumping, skipping and climbing trees, using muscles he hadn’t used for years! Since he was a young boy himself I guess. Well I would say if you do everything a 6-12 month old baby does and I mean everything, you’d be fit after a week because every waking moment they’re on the move. You ought to try it sometime! And if they’re still 100% breastfed, which they can be, they are getting over 50% of all that energy from saturated fats let alone more from the unsaturated ones in the milk.

So why am I so excited about ketones in my clients urine? Well it means he is making alot or most of his energy from fats. And what’s so great about that you ask? Well we can either make energy from sugars on the one hand or fats on the other. Sugars and carbohydrates (which turn to sugars) are like the kindling on a fire. They flare up quickly to make a lot of warmth (energy), then are used up in a very short time. Fats on the other hand are like the big slow burning logs that keep going for hours.They give nice even energy levels all day long.

This particular client had come to me previously because his GP had wanted him to start medication for high blood sugar levels. Plus he had certain elevated blood levels that may indicate cancer. Three weeks previously I had looked at his blood under the microscope and checked some tests on his urines. Both these had shown me that he was having difficulty digesting and processing fats in his diet and in addition to this his normal food didn’t include much fat at all. He was totally relying on carbohydrates or sugars for energy. Did you know we can actually only cope with one teaspoonful of sugar at any one time, about 4 times a day. Everything above that is converted to storage. Fat in other words. Now, 3 weeks later he showed ketones 2+ in his urine from using fats as energy, having eaten lunch 4 hours earlier! We can show ketones if we’ve been fasting, due to using our own stored fat as energy. My client had been eating 3 meals a day! He also said his belt had gone in a couple of notches and his blood sugar (glucometer) was in a normal healthy range. All this in just 3 weeks! Wouldn’t that excite you if it had been you?

Did you also know that cancer cells rely on sugars for energy as well as candida (a yeast normally found in the gut). I would guess that most people on a western style diet relying on bread as a staple food would have problems with candida and we all have cancer cells floating around from time to time. The flour from one slice of bread gives us 6 teaspoons of sugar. So if you get your cells reliant on fats for energy you can greatly decrease your chance of ever contracting cancer or the effects of candida. (Search for the effects of candida in Grada’s blog: http://bit.ly/2xhZBB9 ) Plus you can say goodbye to insulin resistance and diabetes.

In the complete health analysis or Initial Biomedx appointment I look at about 8 fundamental areas where our bodies make energy on the cellular level. My client the other evening had needed a few supplements to crank up his digestion so his fats would digest properly. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been skipping all the way home (to my car) in the rain either.

A blood analysis reveals a lot of what is happening inside your body and if you want to delve further to look at those other fundamental areas of cellular health book in to see Caleb or myself for an Initial Biomedx session which also includes blood microscopy.

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Until next time, Pete