Ever feel like your stomach’s playing a game of roulette?

One day it’s smooth sailing, the next it’s a rollercoaster of discomfort keeping you toilet bound or doubled up on the couch.

If this resonates with you, (or a loved one) keep reading, because  I am about to demystify your digestion woes, in a way that even a five year old would understand.

Let’s break it down.

Picture your digestion as a superhero armed with two secret weapons: stomach acid and bile flow.

These two buddies team up to tackle the food you throw their way.

While you are chewing your food, the stomach is cranking up an acid fire.

As soon as foodstuff drops into the stomach, they get ‘burnt’ by this acid fire.

Yes, your stomach acid sits around 2 to 3 pH, similar to car battery acid.

This helps to break down your food into tiny absorbable bits, and it also helps to kill parasites and harmful bacteria.

Meanwhile your liver and gallbladder are getting ready for their turn.

Your liver contains lots of pipes (called bile ducts) where bile gets collected, ready to be stored in the gallbladder.

While it sits in the gallbladder, waiting its turn of the action, it gets very caustic or alkaline, with a pH of around 9, a bit like caustic soda.

The gallbladder waits patiently for its cue.

When your stomach’s acid party moves to the next stage (your small intestine), bile swoops in like a superhero landing, neutralizing the acid and making sure your food gets properly digested.

Think of it like your grade 7 chemistry experience, where you poured vinegar into caustic soda to create a volcano effect.

This is exactly what happens inside your tummy after you eat your food.

When bile meets stomach acid/stomach products, it creates a sizzle, called the chemistry of life.

If your chemistry of life isn’t happening correctly, your food doesn’t get broken down properly and you might experience bloating, burping, constipation, diarrhoea, smelly breath, weight gain, weight loss, brittle hair and nails, loss off libido and chronic fatigue and it’s downhill from their if you don’t stop the momentum!

If you suspect you are not making enough stomach acid (99% of heartburn is caused by LOW or INSUFFICIENT stomach acid) and you burp a lot, you can correct this with Proton Plus.

This supplement can be taken with each meal and restore your stomach acid levels naturally.

Most of the time, impaired digestion is caused by sticky bile.

The bile is meant to be runny, not gloopy or stuck like glue clocking up your bile ducts.

Our bile often gets sticky from dehydration, too much stress, the contraceptive pill, too many carbohydrates or processed foods, not enough healthy fats in your diet, toxins and prescription drugs.

Without runny bile, the chemistry of life is a fizzle!

But fear not!

Beetflow  and enzymes (like Omnizyme or Digestizyme) will rescue you from this sticky situation.

Beetflow comes as a capsule that you can take with your meals, to remind your gallbladder / liver system to create runny bile.

Once your bile begins to run properly, it will not only restore the sizzle of life, allowing you to get your range of nutrients from your food, but also sterilizing the small intestine. (remember bile is like caustic soda)

Enzymes are the supporters of life.

They help to break down your food stuffs into nutrients that your body can use for living and regenerating the cells.

The sad thing is that our enzyme production drops off after age 28.

We recommend that you always take enzymes with your meal, if you want to live a long, healthy and vibrant life.

Beetflow and enzymes have have  helped our client overcome chronic constipation, diarrhea, IBS, bloating, itchy skin, allergies and auto immune disorders like inflammation.  

Beetflow and Enzymes are the right tools to help you win the gut game.

Ready to transform your life from the inside out?

Download our free Ultimate Vitality Boost e-book here.

It not only tells you what to do, but also how Pete overcame life threatening allergies for good.

Its an easy read, so please download and share this information with your loved ones!

Consider it your roadmap to a gut-friendly happy vibrant life.

Before you get distracted with downloading the UVB give yourself permission to do this quick Gut Health Check up.

Digestion Questionnaire:

If you said yes to two or more questions, it’s time to take steps to improve your digestion.

Start with Proton Plus, Beetflow, and enzymes like Omnizyme or Digestizyme.

If you said yes to three or more questions, a Full Health Audit / Complete Health Analysis could really make a difference in your life.

With love,

To learn more about the water we are using in our home and at the Purple House clinic – scan the code below, click the link or send us a message ..

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