Thanks for joining me on another Water Wellness Wednesday!

Today, I’m down by the river, enjoying this beautiful autumn day.

The sun’s warm, though it’s still a bit chilly.

I’ve got the fire pit going, making it a perfect setting to chat about something truly amazing — hydrogen water and how it can revolutionize your hydration.

Have you ever noticed how mountain spring water tastes so pure and refreshing?

That’s because it’s free from all the pollutants and chemicals that can contaminate river water as it flows downstream.

By the time the river water gets here, it’s full of agricultural runoff, pesticides, and who knows what else.

But, it’s clean and naturally ionized up in the mountains, where the water springs from the earth.

So, what if you could have that same pure, revitalizing water right in your home?

That’s where our Enagic K8 water machine comes in.

This incredible system filters and ionizes your tap water, making it as pure and hydrating as mountain spring water.

But here’s the real magic—the ionized water particles are much smaller than those in regular tap water, allowing it to be absorbed more efficiently by your body.

Let me show you something amazing.

Normally, to brew a good cup of tea, you need hot water, right?

That’s because the large water molecules in regular tap water need heat to infuse the tea properly.

But with our ionized K8 water technology, you can brew tea with cold water!

The smaller molecules penetrate the tea leaves more effectively, extracting flavor without the need for heat.

Check this out: I’ll brew two cups of tea—one with regular tap water and one with our Ionized water.

You’ll see the difference right away.

The tea brewed with Kangen Water infuses quickly and more thoroughly, even with cold water.

This simple demonstration shows how much better your body can absorb this water, keeping you hydrated and energized.

We love our Enagic Water Ionizer machine and are thrilled to offer it to you as a game-changer for your health, providing pure, ionized water that hydrates better and tastes amazing.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits for yourself, click the link OR scan the QR code below to learn more.

While I am here, I want to remind you that the Purple House Estate is open for weddings and events again.

The website for the Purple House Estate shows you the packages we offer and comes with a large gallery of photos to spark your imagination for a magical day.

Thanks for joining me today!

Enjoy the beautiful autumn day, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

See you next week!

Bye for now!

To learn more about the water we are using in our home and at the Purple House clinic – scan the code below, click the link or send us a message ..


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