Are you tired of feeling sluggish and low on energy?

Do you want to take control of your health and well-being and wake up refreshed every morning?

Let’s go all the way back to the most basic essential for life: water.

Farmers know that you must get the soil right before crops can thrive.

In our case that means we’ve got to get the basics covered and get the right nutrients into us, so our body can perform its basic functions.

The most basic and essential nutrient for life is water.

Without water you can’t survive, let alone thrive!

At birth, we are approximately 80% water, and it’s all downhill from there….

When we die from old age, we are usually between 47 and 55 % water.

We are sapped of our vital juices in the same way that a grape shrinks to a raisin.

Perhaps the ageing process of gradual dehydration can be stopped and reversed by drinking more water?

It makes sense when you think about it!

The average person can’t survive without water for longer than 3 days, but the sobering fact is that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

That would be the same for Australians.

The body is under constant stress from the relentless drought inside the tissues of your body.

Stress and trauma have a dehydrating effect, so this is a double whammy.

Let’s go back to some amazing water facts:

All that water has a long list of duties, from insulating your organs and lubricating your joints to forming the very building blocks of cells.

Our plasma, the liquid portion of our blood that carries blood cells, hormones, minerals and nutrients is 90% water.

Are you feeling thirsty yet?

I am!

But here’s the thing… .don’t rush to the kitchen tap to quench your thirst!

Our municipal water supply is significantly compromised by industrial waste, agricultural waste and even human waste, as well as dangerous toxins like fluoride, chloride, atrazine and mercury to name a few.

All the contaminants and chemicals come out of our tap.

We literally have toxins on tap!

Unfortunately, buying plastic bottled water is no better!

You could easily spend $1500 per person per year on bottled water and we now know that a large percentage of bottled water is just tap water that’s been reprocesses and sold at more than 3000x the cost of tap water.

Sounds like a good business plan for somebody!

Even reputable bottled water brands contain microplastics invisible to the human eye!

The plastic from the bottles itself is implicated in today’s cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, ADHD and infertility epidemic.

That’s just the human cost, which pales into insignificance compared to the harm done to Mother Nature.

80% of single use plastics end up in landfills and our oceans.

Did you know that there is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch 2 times the size of Texas or 3 times the size of France, threatening the global ecosystem?

Depressing isn’t it!

That’s what I thought when I began to dive into the topic of healthy water.

Many years ago, some of my clients who worked at the municipal water supply told me that they refused to let their families drink town water.

That’s when Pete and I invested in an expensive water filter.

It was way back in 2008, and I was in the middle of recovering from a serious truck accident that had left me with spinal injuries and PTSD.

We travelled the world to study and implement ways for me to recover quickly (which we shared with our clients)

In 2008, be bought a reverse osmosis water filter for approximately $4000.

It was the most expensive item in our household, but we were confident that we would get a good return on investment, and we did.

I loved the freedom of having healthy water on tap.

The kids and grandkids all benefitted from it, and I didn’t have to feel guilty about polluting the outside world with plastics or my children’s insides with nasty pollutants.

From 2009 till March 2022, the happiness of our family was overshadowed by Elijah’s health problems.

Elijah is our little grandson, one of a twin, who was born in 2009.

Right from his first breath, he was allergic to life.

For many years, he suffered from anaphylactic shocks to foods and stress almost daily, battled with meningitis weekly and suffered from arthritis in his joints.

He was chronically anaemic and had an enlarged heart.

It was a daily battle to stay alive for his little body and by the time he was 12, he only weighed 25 kg.

What was even more cruel was the fact that he grew up as part of the big noisy Robertson clan with boisterous healthy cousins running around while he lingered on the couch.

Lisanne, our daughter, Pete and I tried everything, from healing sessions to a strict carnivore diet. We understood that water was key, so we bought water ionizers for Elijah.

Ionized water is rich in molecular hydrogen, which can permeate our cellular wall and flush out toxins, as well as deeply hydrate the body.

The only problem was, Elijah kept breaking the water ionizers.

We even imported water from Bulgaria, at $500 per shipment.

This was meant to be special healing water.

Thankfully a medical miracle happened in 2023 and Elijah had the good fortune to bump into the right paediatrician in Melbourne, who immediately recognized Elijah’s condition as NOMIDs, which is an extremely rare genetic condition.

Only one hundred know cases exist globally and Elijah is one of them.

People with NOMID used to die young, or never get past age 20, after a lifetime of intense suffering.

Thankfully, there is a daily injection that corrects the faulty gene and 24 hours after the first injection, we had a new grandson.

Elijah is still going strong.

He has doubled his weight and goes to the gym to build muscles.

He runs around with his cousins and is doing all the things a healthy 14-year-old boy enjoys.

But, if we hadn’t supported him with treatments, healthy water and a carnivore diet, he may not even have made it till age 12!

Poisons wreak havoc on our bodies, minds and spirits and we must find ways to minimize these or flush them out.

This brings the story back to me today.

Remember how I got hit by a truck and was left with catastrophic injuries to my spine, ribs, neck, sacrum, and spinal nerves in 2006?

Initially, I was told I wouldn’t walk again.

I had a colostomy bag for life, but my nerves recovered miraculously, so I was able to have that reversed after a couple of years.

I also regained control over my bladder so I didn’t have to self-catheterize anymore.

I was grateful for my independence.

It was a huge win to be wheelchair free, without contraptions.

I never stopped being grateful for that but I was hungry for a normal lifestyle.  

Eventually, after 7 years of setbacks, I got my wish, and have lived very happily and healthily since 2013 albeit with residual chronic pain and stiffness in my lower back.

Today, I am happy to share with you that I am completely pain free!

And, I attribute my new level of health to our new water filter because that is the only thing that has changed in my life.

After 16 years of hard slog and very little maintenance, we decided to retire our old water filter and buy a new Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) water machine.

We have been drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) now for about 10 week.

Then a miracle happened … I got up on Sunday morning and realized I can stretch and bend without the slightest hint of my usual discomfort!

Thank you body for never giving up on the healing process, and thank you Kangen water for hydrating my body and giving it the essential support it was lacking.

The work Kangen means ‘return to origin’ so a Kangen machine turns dirty tap water back into primal water.

It effectively turn ‘dead’ tap water into living ionized water.

Ionized water has the unique ability to permeate our cellular wall, including the blood brain barrier, so you receive hydration at the very foundational level.

(This is the reason why certain top athletes only drink Kangen / Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) water)

I believe that the Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) was able to go much deeper into my bone structure and rehydrate it completely.

Trauma has a dehydration effect on our tissues, and there must have been deep hidden pockets of trauma causing the residual pain in my body.

The previous water hadn’t been able to reach these places, so they remained dehydrated and unhealed.

I can’t wait to see how awesome and alive I will feel after another 10 weeks of Electrolyzed Reduced Water ! (I will keep you posted)

The moral of the today’s story is that your body is a miraculous healing machine.

You are basically unstoppable.

If you take one step in the right direction, It pays you back in a thousand ways.

Do yourself a favour and investigate how you can give your body what it needs to not only survive, but also to thrive.

It doesn’t matter what your history is, or how challenging your health issues are, pure water is absolutely essential and needs to be the first step for everyone.

The Kangen machine pays for itself within the first year of usage, because you can use this medical grade water for much more than drinking water.

You can’t put a price on your health!

When it is gone, everything loses its meaning.

I have been there and done that.

In 2009 my biological age was measured at 110 years old.

The measurements were done by sophisticated equipment.

In 2015, my biological age was measured at 58. (I was 53 at the time, so I was doing well, the gap was closing)

Today, at 62 I feel about 35!

So, it is possible to reverse the ageing process and regenerate every part of your body with healthy water and supplying your body with the nutrients it needs.

I hope this email inspires you to transform your life from the inside out with Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

I promise you that it’s a game changer.

If you want to find out more, Pete and I are here to help you.

Alternatively, click here to visit our website where you can make online appointments (like a Full Health Audit / Complete Health Analysis consultation with Peter), read past blogs, download free e-books OR order supplements all at your own convenience.

Much love

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