Hi everyone, this last week has been filled with a few ups and downs.

Last week I was celebrating the publishing of my book The Red Coat but now with all the fear and uncertainty at present, I wanted to show you a simple technique called “tapping” or EFT equivalent for Emotional Freedom Technique.

You can use it to reduce fear and anxiety which are imagined things that MAY happen in the future.

It’s also great for depression or any emotional issue you may have.

You can also alleviate pain and physical problems using EFT.

It was used extensively after 9/11 with amazing results and EFT is readily available on Google.

While you tap on a certain set of acupuncture points on the body you say to yourself:

“Even though I have ….(insert the problem)…..I deeply and completely love. honour. respect and accept myself.”

Before you begin give the feeling/pain/problem a rating from 1-10 and then tap each point while you say the sentence out loud to yourself.

You can add in different feelings that may arise or any other things that bother you as you tap away the fears, frustrations etc.

You will feel the charge decrease I promise.

A couple of clients jump to mind that I helped with tapping.

One young women had become agoraphobic, unable to leave the house (like a lot of us now, ha ha). She was unable to drive or go to work.

A few months after I saw her she sent me a thank you card saying she was back at work and able to drive herself, even though she still had to occasionally pull over and do some tapping for a minute or two, then continue on her way!

Another guy came with severe back pain.

I gave him a treatment including massage and a few other techniques but his pain was still 8 out of 10 when he got up from the massage table.

So I said “just do what I do” and we tapped and said the sentence above.

Initially he found it hard to say that he deeply and completely loved, honoured, respected and accepted himself but after one round (about 2 to 3 minutes later) his pain was 2 out of 10.

Also keep your immune system healthy and active with with some good Love Your Guts fermented sauerkraut or a great probiotic.

80% of our immune system belongs to the good gut flora.

Do some tapping to rid yourself of all the fear and anxiety.

Click the link to learn where the points more about EFT: https://eftonline.org/free

Keep healthy and happy Pete