Hate getting sick? Me too, but eating ferments definitely helps. I haven’t been sick once in the past three years and was getting to the point of just being really arrogant about my ability to avoid sickness. I thought the Wall of microbes I’d built up would protect me.

So when I woke with a niggle in my throat I went about my day thinking nothing of it. When evening came the niggle was still there, if not stronger. The Wildlings were swelling at the gates! I conceded that a minor incursion through the Wall may have occurred and the White-walkers may not be far behind.

However I had a secret weapon and with a premature feeling of triumph I reached for it where it was hiding on top of the fridge. Alas, my confident grab came back empty handed apart from a fistful of dust. Then I remembered. My weapon was so effective that I had been giving it away to friends and coworkers all winter to fend of the nasties and had run out!

Master Tonic, also known as Fire Cider and a whole host of other names is super-potent protector against viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, inflammation and even pesky winter weight gains. It truly may be the only medicine you need in your cupboard.

The best thing I like about it though is it’s so easy to make, so like a true soldier of the Night’s Watch I didn’t panic and diligently went about the task of brewing a batch. For extra measure I poured myself a big glass of Beet Kvass to kick my liver into gear for reinforcements.

Usually by the time we feel flu or cold symptoms the immune system has recognised a threat and started to engage. We can then choose to ignore it and ride it out, sometimes taking a week or more depending on your health, or try a range of damaging options like antibiotics or cold & flu tablets.

In my experience having a shot of Master Tonic every couple of hours will burn the flu out of your body like the fires of Drogon within a day! Might I add with no harmful side effects. In fact you will benefit from the boost in circulation, energy and detoxification that it will provide.

If you would like to learn how to make your very own super-potent Master tonic along with Beet Kvass, Kombucha, Kraut and lots of other yummy self defense foods I will be hosting a Fearless Fermenting Workshop on 3rd of February.

This is a 3 hour hands on workshop which includes morning tea and your own recipe book. You will leave with live cultures, ferments and a confidence to kick start your fermenting adventure 

Fearless fermenting: Saturday the 3rd February 9.30 till 12.30 at 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth.

Investment: $110.

Book online at http://bit.ly/ferment-purplehouse or call 64283007.