Probiotics are good for your tummy, right?

But, did you know that they are absolutely essential for your entire body/mind system?

Here are 5 common misconceptions around probiotics and they could cost you your life:

  1. You can get enough probiotics from your diet alone.
  2. You only need probiotics after you have been on antibiotics.
  3. I can get enough good bacteria from my store bought yoghurt.
  4. Why take them, they just die and end up in the toilet.
  5. All probiotics are the same, so why bother with quality ones.

Let’s unpack the great probiotic debate!

Scientists have shown that our genes are only responsible for 10% of our health.

The other whopping 90% that controls your health is your Microbiome (the gut flora)

This means that your problems and health issues are not ‘all in your genes’ as we were led to believe…..

Good health is derived from your good gut bacteria or a healthy Microbiome.

And we urgently need to start taking good care of our Microbiome, because shocking statistics show that:

  • More than 70% of adults across the United States have been diagnosed with a chronic disease and
  • Almost 80% of the nation’s health care cost is spent on managing and treating these conditions.
  • Over the last two years alone the average life expectancy in the US has dropped by a startling 2.2 years.
  • About 24% of all adults in the US currently suffer from mental illness or mood disorder.
  • 47% of adults in the US will experience a mental illness during their lifetime.
  • To make matters worse, the latest compilation of decades of research shows there is NO convincing evidence that depression is caused by serotonin abnormalities and that we need to look at our gut bacteria instead.

Here is the reason you need to supplement with a high quality probiotic supplement:

There are 10 common gut disruptors that we are exposed to every day

  1. Do you drink fluoridated or chlorinated water?
  2. Do you eat processed, refined food?
  3. Do you eat sugar and high starch carbs?
  4. Have you taken antibiotics in the last 5 years?
  5. Do you eat non-organic vegetables and fruits?
  6. Do you eat bio-engineered corn/cornflour, grains, and non-organic wheat?
  7. Do you consume heartburn pills?
  8. Do you take over-the-counter painkillers?
  9. Do you feel overwhelmed a lot, suffer from high stress, and don’t get enough rest?
  10. Do you take the contraceptive pill?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your Microbiome is under attack, and your health is at risk.

Once your gut is compromised, many processes in your body are impacted.

Perhaps you can’t absorb your nutrients, feel lethargic, have brain fog, poor memory or concentration span, suffer from aches, pain, and inflammation, catch the cold and flu, or suffer from mental health problems.

If you have been led to believe that your Microbiome only affects your gut or tummy, you got it wrong!

Your gut flora affects the ups and downs of your entire body, including your brain.

There are more than 1000 different species of bacteria living in your gut, and they are very busy, working on your behalf.

Here are some of the things they do:

  1. They direct your genes. They turn off bad genes and switch on your good genes.
  2. They constantly recalibrate your immune system.
  3. They stop allergic reactions
  4. They digest your food and produce nutrients
  5. They make you feel happy (or not, when your Microbiome is full of bad bacteria, you get the blues)
  6. They keep your urinary tract healthy
  7. They keep your reproductive system fit and healthy.

By now, you are probably wondering how you can boost your gut Microbiome.

Pete and I consume a couple of tablespoons of Love your Gut sauerkraut or Kimchi EVERY DAY (and we supplement with Immuno-Synbiotic Restore at night)

This spoonful of top-quality, organic, locally grown/produced fermented vegetables is packed with trillions of good bacteria.

Don’t go to the supermarket and buy commercial yogurt or Inner health plus, they simply don’t cut it.

These products often have little or no probiotics, and if they do, they are often the wrong strain.

Plus they are often sweetened with tons of sugar or artificial sweetener, which wreck your health.

When you eat sugar, you feel the bad bacteria in your gut.

You want to do the opposite.

You want to nourish and boost your good bacteria and the answer is Spore Probiotic.

Spore Probiotics are the new frontier of Microbiome Health.

Think of your gut like a garden patch.

You need to pull out the weeds and sow fresh seed/good bacteria to heal and seal your gut.

Our ancestors lived on these spore probiotics, and today our lifespan is being shortened because our Microbiome is killed off.

We recommend the following outstanding products to boost your Microbiome, improve your energy levels, restore healthy glowing skin and hair, and uplevel your mood;

All these products contain stable and viable strains of probiotics.

They will survive the journey through the stomach and thrive inside your intestines, where they begin to heal and seal the lining of your gut and restore your health.

Some of these probiotics even support healthy weight management and keep your cholesterol levels in check.

They are perfect both for short-term use and long-term maintenance, protecting you, and creating optimal health day in and day out.

Call us today on 03 64283007 to order your products, or click on the links above to conveniently check our online store and do your shopping!

Be inspired to beat these recent statistics and offer your immune system and Microbiome the building blocks it needs.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article!

Your health advocates,