Crepes, Ricotta Donuts, sticky date pudding, Raw (vegan) Cakes, Organic coffee, wines and ciders, Artisan Ice-cream (vegan raw chocolate & berry options) shakes and affogatos and much more. Make the most the summer evenings and give yourself permission to enjoy everything that’s good about life in Tassie! All deserts are 100% gluten free!

Booking preferred (but not essential). P:64283007 or 64281013

1796557_10152007644856559_1510201561_n.jpgMeet and greet the Alchemist behind our pop up dessert night: Mieke Campbell. Mieke used to be an avid traveller. Like her brother Caleb she munched her way around Europe, Nepal, Canada, and parts of the U.S, sampling all the unique tastes and flavours on offer, while soaking up different cultures. In between cooking, travelling and a couple of years at Uni studying architecture, Mieke met her soul mate Paul and got married in San Francisco. When she became a mum of Fia she decided that there is no better place than home in Tasmania, the gourmet island of the world and our own private paradise. Fia loves food as much as her parents do! Here is a picture of Fia with her cousin Silas. Silas’s dad is a baker and his granddad is a gourmet chef, so I guess Ms Fia and Mr,Silas have lots of trade secrets to share!fia.jpg

 Most of Mieke’s amazing cakes and desserts are on the spot creations. They never fail to become instant winners with our customers. Mieke is also the creator of our artisan ice creams, which are made from organic unrefined ingredients. All our raw cakes are filled with good fats like coconut oil, fresh nuts, raw chocolate or avocado. Our raw cakes are egg free, grain free, dairy free and refined sugar free. Unless you have a nut allergy, they are a great source of nutrition and taste awesome! Refined, artificial or micro-waved foods are banned in Mieke’s kitchen. No wonder Fia is so healthy!14962805_961153990656017_2787298101072790007_n.jpg

Just because all the ingredients are so healthy, that doesn’t mean we compromise on taste! Mieke artfully uses a variety of flavours and colours to make the most stunning dessert that make your mouth water! Try them out on Friday night and give yourself a great start to the weekend. Your cells will be as happy as your tastebuds! You will wake up on Saturday refreshed, energized and healthy.  See you there! Grada

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Pop up Dessert Date Night unnamed.jpg


100% gluten free

Alchemy’s Dutch style crepes – served with a scoop of our housemade artisan ice cream, maple syrup and poached pears. $21

  • Add bacon – $3

Sticky Date Pudding – decadent caramelly dessert scattered with figs and chocolate, caramel and chocolate sauce, cream and ice cream. $14

Greek Style Ricotta Donuts- creamy centred miniature donuts with fennel sugar and lemon cream. $12

Pancookies – soft chocolate chip cookie pizza topped with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce-perfect for sharing. $16

Cake selection – our cake fridge is filled with our renowned raw cheesecakes. Feel free to peruse and choose. $8 with cream. $11 with ice cream.

Affogato – $4.50.white cake.jpg