Hi, My Name is Piet Blokker.

I came to Tasmania because my sister, Grada had married a Tasmanian bloke Peter Robertson and they were living here. I wanted to get to know my young nephew and niece.

I loved Tasmania from the word go and felt at home especially on the beautiful beaches and in the bush. During my one year working holiday I fell in love with a Tasmanian girl so I decided to stay and apply for residency. We got married and had 5 children and now also have 4 grand children.

When I turned 50 In 2013 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and this is when my life changed for good. After having a large aggressive tumour removed from my bowel which involved bowel resection, my system shut down and I spent 6 weeks in hospital. After two weeks of bowel blockage and nothing happening except I was slowly loosing weight, the doctors decided to open me back up again to see why nothing was moving along inside. I had already started forming adhesions and maybe they untangled something but after the second operation nothing still happened for 2 weeks or so. They ended up putting a stint in to feed me because by that time I had lost more than 20 kg. I had lots to think about in those days. My oldest daughter Naomee was pregnant with my first grandchild and would I ever get to meet it? I had a huge mortgage and was doing a tricky renovation for some friends, who decided to stop paying me whilst I was still in hospital. To make a long story short, the Tasmanian legal system failed me and I ended up losing a lot of money. In the end I decided to let it go of all the legal bullshit and wear the loss. I just had to focus on getting better and healthy again.

When I got my strength back the oncologist decided to give me 8 months of heavy Chemotherapy. In June Priya my first grand daughter arrived, but I couldn’t go over to see her in WA because of a weakened immune system. At this point in my life I hadn’t woken up to what Life was all about. I followed what everybody in the medical system said was the right thing to do. During the Chemotherapy I was still trying to run my building business and keep up my mortgage payments. I also spent a lot of time talking to lawyers, getting my head stuck into The Tasmanian Security of Payment Act and trying to work out why everything had gone so wrong.

I was living in Fight and Flight mode. This affected my whole system and in 2015 I ended up with Rheumatoid arthritis to the point were I could not get out of bed some days.

I realized that my old life was finished and that this was the beginning of a new life. Grada had been to see me and introduced me to the Young Living essential oils. They are the purest oils we can purchase today and I started drinking lots of Copaiba essential oil. Also lots of Frankincense essential oil.

I started learning reflexology, Energy Healing and became an Agent of Young Living Essential oils the purest Essential oils on this Planet!
Come and Talk to me about Essential oils, just like Naomee and Silas in this photo!

I was looking for a connection within the Universe and myself while trying to work out what life was all about. Every creature on this planet deserves to be Healthy, Happy and Strong. During this time I was made aware of a Dutchman, Wim Hof the Ice Man. It made me proud to be Dutch when I watched Wim’s documentaries. The reason behind Wim setting 20 or more world records was not for selfish reasons but to help get his message out to the world that to be Happy, Healthy and Strong is all simply within our reach. The power is inside us, learn to trust your mind and body because all the answers are inside us.

Without further thinking I ordered the 10-week course. This Proved to be my Life saving decision!
My Awaking Process started up, my RA disappeared and I am clear from cancer.
Because of the WHM I am now able to have fun with my Children, Grandchildren and rest of my Large Family. They call me Naughty Opa, which I am Proud of!
Thanks Wim! Yes I cant thank you enough!

I started reading everything and still have 20 Books on the go at the same time. I have since attended 2 workshops on Reflexology, 3 on Kinergetics and also 2 Cranio Sacral workshops. My Health has improved dramatically and I have lost 15 kg in the process. I feel stronger, healthier and happier now than when I was 30 years old.

I am making time to further educate myself in WHM and other practices like Energy healing work. I feel that I now have some sort of control over my life and the Universe is smiling at me! I am learning how to Feel. We have the saying; seeing is believing, but I would like to change it to Feeling is Believing. Like Wim says feeling is understanding. I realize that we are Spiritual beings and are in charge of a Physical Body. We are connected to all the Energies and living beings in this Universe and our job is to treat it with Kindness and Love.

My Mission in my new life is to create stability. To be a Wim Hof Method Warrior and help whoever wants to be helped to get happy, healthy and strong.

I feel that there is so much to learn, so much to do, so much to give. I am only scratching the surface.

With Love, Piet

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