It’s a dog’s life for Freddie!

Freddie and kidsI wonder what Freddie’s blood would look like under the microscope? This thought whizzes through my brain as I mix a teaspoon of Probiotic Foods for Pets into his raw meat breakfast. Probably pretty good with all the goodies he gets to help keep him nice and healthy. His diet consists mainly of raw meat, the occasional raw bone to keep his teeth healthy and the odd leftover bone broth soup. He slurps this up as if its going out of fashion!

The secret ingredient, though, that keeps my furry friend in top shape is a teaspoonful of probiotic powders (good for all your pets and animals!) to keep his intestinal health happy and also a teaspoonful of diatomaceous earth to keep him free of intestinal worms (also good for all your pets and chemical free).

Occasionally he starts scratching so for a few weeks I include a spoonful of coconut oil for dry skin. A few drops of Thieves essential oil around his ears to keep his ear canals clear and healthy, and Freddie’s a happy chappy! The Thieves plus or minus Lavender oil keeps that doggy smell at bay as well.

With Freddie, the cats (Rastus & Stumpy), the chooks, the two miniature Herefords (Clover & Lily), and Cedric the miniature donkey it’s lucky Grada ever gets breakfast in bed! She better be grateful, I hear the thought careen across my mind as I turn my attention to our breakfast.

What will it be today? Grada still oblivious to what will land gently on her bedside cabinet in a few minutes. Hopefully something that will sustain her through her busy schedule until her lunch break at 2pm. A smoothie it is. In goes the full cream yoghurt, more cream, melted coconut oil, Bioraculous, some freshly ground LSA. Grada likes hers a bit crunchy so more like just cracked than ground. Talk about fussy! Now here comes more goodies; 20 drops of iodine, 2 teaspoons of Probiotic Foods for Everyone, 2 teaspoons of diatomaceous earth, a couple of pinches of borax, and a teaspoon of Relief powder. Now instead of having to swallow our magnesium tablets, a good rounded teaspoon of the magnesium powder should do us both for the day. I whizz this up in the Thermi (or blender), leaving the nuts and seeds to go in last for a short spin to leave that crunchy texture that Grada can really get her teeth into.

Maybe after this we can take Freddie for a walk rather than leaving it until the end of the day when he takes us for a walk, he is still full of beans from his super breakfast even then. With his gut health in excellent shape and no worms consuming what he should be getting, he is still very bouncy at the end of the day. So if Grada and I start our day with this super boosted smoothie we enjoy Freddie’s energy a lot more and can easily keep up with him.

Download our free Purple House Smoothie ebook from our website to give you ideas how to create your own energy packed breakfast. I tell you that it’s well worth it. There won’t be any need for snacks between meals. I make sure I have plenty of water for adequate hydration and oh I forgot, I usually add about a teaspoon of Himalayan salt to the smoothie mix as well, so I can drink at least a couple of litres of water without having to worry about diluting my minerals and trace minerals.

Till next time, Pete

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