Are you like me, and need a good kick in the behind every now and then to stay on track?

I had a client who recently came back to me and said: “I have gone off the rails and just need a good kick up the behind.”

He had been to me previously for a Full Health Analysis and recovered from an eleven-year history of chronic diarrhea within a month of following my recommendations.

He had spent well over $10,000 trying to find solutions to his problems with multiple visits to specialists and doctors.

He would find some relief for a short period then his symptoms would return with a vengeance.

So you can imagine he was over the moon after his gut was behaving itself for an extended time with no sick days and being able to socialize like a normal young guy (he was only 30 years old).

Now here he was returning after about 12 months!

His “old” problems were starting to come back.

And you have most likely guessed the reason why?

He had lapsed back into his old patterns of diet and lifestyle.

I asked myself: “why is it that we fall off the wagon?” OR “go off the rails” as the saying goes?

Especially, after we have found answers to chronic health problems.

Do we secretly want to see if we still have the problems that our previous lifestyles had caused?

Albert Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.”

We can’t expect to solve our ailments with the same sort of diet and lifestyle that created them.

We must challenge the fact that subconsciously it was us who created the problem in the first place.

Often when our pains disappear, we tend to forget we ever had them.

Maybe this is the reason?

Anyway, it really got me thinking about how I could be a better support to my clients.

In the past, people have booked in for a 2-hour session and even though Grada claims I am not very chatty, I fill those 2 hours easily with all sorts of lifesaving information.

So much so that many a client has walked out totally overwhelmed, with their brain going ding, ding, ding!!!

What I have come up with to be of greater assistance is a series of appointments 2 weeks apart.

To be specific the package consists of four x 90 minutes sessions over an eight-week timeframe.

This will give you much more needed support and allows time to clear up any questions you may have from the previous appointments and to make adjustments as we go along.

It will steer you on the path to healing with the encouragement to make and maintain the lifestyle changes so you can enjoy vibrant health all your life.

Please read about my “Path to Healing” package to know exactly what it entails.

Click on the below link for additional information.

It includes the investment which is often much less than what we pay to keep our car running smoothly

We can trade our car after a few years, but you only have one body!

It makes much more sense to invest in your body and look after it so it runs like a well-oiled machine.

Book in for your ‘car service’ today, so we can have a really good look under the bonnet together.

I am so excited to be offering you this complete health overhaul!

We are open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, call us on 0428283007 to order products online, or call in to have a chat with us.

We’d love to connect with you.

Call in to inspect our product or to say hello!

Yours to health and happiness,

Pete and Grada

Click on the link below to see what it involves OR to book your Path to Healing with me online.