Percy’s Powders is back in stock!

This blood builder is fortified with two extra minerals: potassium iodide and selenium which are usually deficient in Australian soils.

Iodine is essential for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, the body’s energy regulator.

An inefficient thyroid can produce a host of ailments, including fatigue, sluggish metabolism, dry skin, mental illness and cancer.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral to keep the immune system strong and to fight cancer.

A box of Percy’s Powder contains 60 sachets of free-flowing alkaline mineral powders which will keep your immune system strong, give you boundless energy, lustrous hair and nails, a sharp mind and a strong heart.

Today, we want to tell you the story of Percy Weston, a legendary Australian, who came up with these powders.

Percy was born (1903) and raised in the Ovens Valley near the Victorian Alps.

When he was 5 he nearly became paralysed from the phosphorus fumes of striking a few matches to light a candle.

Later on he discovered that the phosphorus in rabbit bait gave him terrible nausea and headaches if he caught a whiff of it.

Eventually, Percy studied science and was preparing himself to go to University to become a Doctor when cattle thieves robbed his father’s farm and the money dried up.

Percy went back to take over the farm and he used his keenly developed eye for cause and effect on the family property.

Nature is our best teacher and in Percy’s case, it became his laboratory.

Percy could see a direct correlation between the rise of cancer and the use of superphosphates on the land.

With the use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals his animals started to develop cancers and other diseases previously unheard of.

By offering his sheep different pastures and minerals he worked out how to cure their cancers.

He then modified this knowledge and came up with Percy’s Powders.

In 1934 when he cured himself from leukemia and again in 1942 when he had a cancerous welt on his hand which was common from so much manual work.

(During the WW2 there was a real shortage of men to work the farms)

The Doctor who wanted to treat him with radiation died from cancer himself whereas Percy once again by observing his sheep, plants and cattle was able to come up with his own cure.

A few years later he married and then discovered that his wife had infertility problems.

Not long after she was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

She had no interest in Percy’s ideas about healthy foods but was willing to give his powders a try.

She soon recovered from her cancer and was able to have 2 healthy children.

Well before Percy retired from farm work at the age of 98, the farm had become a magnet for people seeking his advice on health matters.

Percy was happy to explain that it all came down to minerals and having the right balance in the food supply.

Today, Percy’s powders are as popular as ever.

One box of 60 sachets will last you for 2 months.

Pete and I mix these powders in the Purple House Breakfast Smoothie.

If a smoothie is too much work, you simply mix the powders in a glass of water and drink it in one go.

Your body will be forever grateful.

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