There is no escaping the pecking order.

I wrote an article about it many years ago and nothing has changed since then. It went like this: Eve, Arthit and Bobbi arrived home from South Australia. Within minutes all our pets had their noses out of joint and a power struggle unfolded right under my eyes.

It started with Bobbi who crawled up to our cat. This cat was an old grumblebum on a good day, and a real Puss in boots on a mean day. Puss, not having bar of Bobbi, decided to take his wrath out on our hapless chooks who were happily scratching for worms and grubs in our garden.

This went a bit too far, and the bossiest chook raced up to Bobbi to give her a punishing poke in her eye, because she pointed her beak squarely at Bobbi, who was the upstart of the day.

Luckily Oma (me) was nearby and she chased the chook away with a stick before Bobbi lost her eyesight. This established me firmly at the top of the pecking order, but that isn’t the point of this article.

The point is that inside our bodies the pecking order is the ‘order of the day’. It goes on all the time. For instance, you may have taken some extra vitamin D this morning on the advice from your doctor, because your blood tests showed that your vitamin D levels were low.
Unbeknownst to you the extra Vitamin D levels are upsetting your body chemistry and excess Vitamin D is pulling precious Calcium from the bones which is now circulating in the blood stream causing bone thinning.
Your immune system doesn’t like that and one way to safely get rid of the free floating calcium is creating kidney stones/ heel spurs/ calcification of the arteries. If you knew that Excess Vitamin D would make your bones brittle and put a strain on the heart you would think twice before introducing this to your metabolism. While the Vitamin D was the seemingly harmless new item on the scene (like Bobbi), the calcium became the real bully in your body, and there is no nanny with a stick to re-establish the safe order of things.

‘Mega doses of Vitamin C are always helpful’, I hear you say. Let’s see: Vitamin C in doses greater than 200 milligrams are a waste of money because they are not absorbed and tend to cause gas and bloating in your tummy. So if you have just taken a couple of 1000 milligram tablets your body now has 800 milligrams sitting around which is irritating your digestive system, because after the first 200 milligrams absorption decreases rapidly. Your kidneys cannot excrete any vitamin C without combining it with an important mineral like calcium, magnesium or zinc. Every single molecule of excess Vitamin C that gets dumped in your urine steals from you an important nutrient.

Did you know that excess Vitamin C becomes an oxidant, not an anti-oxidant and can damage DNA? Excess Vitamin C also accelerates the ageing process because it causes the destruction of proteins in your body, turning itself into the bully inside your body, rather than your saviour.

Did you know that fish oil is good for some people and not for others? If you are taking lots of fish oil and your cell membranes are already too open you will destroy your brain!

Here are some more interesting potential problems:

  • Too much calcium causes zinc deficiency
  • Too much phosphorous causes zinc deficiency
  • Iodine deficiency causes zinc deficiency in the brain and zinc is needed for about 200 brain enzyme functions
  • ACE inhibitors cause a zinc deficiency (zinc is a key mineral for your immune system and keeps all your bodily fluids sterile)
  • Calcium antagonises nearly all functions of potassium (your heart and thyroid are potassium driven organs!)
  • Too much Potassium can cause magnesium deficiency
  • When selenium and iodine are deficient, iodine must be replenished before selenium to prevent hypothyroidism
  • Fluoride and chloride decrease iodine absorption and utilisation

The list of nutrient antagonism goes on for pages but I will spare you the more depression details. Perhaps your skin is itching and your tummy is rumbling from irresponsible but popular nutritional supplements right now?

If you want to live well and live long and activate your energy production / boost your immune system you can start by taking ACTIVATOR every day. Activator is different to any other supplement combination because it is a COMPLETELY BALANCED product. There will be no need for pecking order scenarios inside your body. Instead your body can readily and safely absorb the whole range of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids in your body.

Activator 240 tabs

Did you say Amino Acids? Yes I did. How significant is the inclusion of amino acids? Very significant! Ordinary cooking temperatures will destroy the amino acids of lysine, taurine and methionine to some degree. Each of the 10 amino acids in Activator has dozens of functions in the body and can be incorporated into thousands upon thousands of structural proteins.

Since most of us eat too many carbohydrates and sugars and not enough proteins we are all suffering from the functional and structural consequences of amino acid insufficiencies.

ACTIVATOR is really the spark plug that to fire up your metabolism, it will power up your brain and body and gets you through the winter months in a NUTRITIONALLY safe and responsible way.

If you want to reach out to your children or grand children, start them on Mighty Mins at the earliest possible age. Dozens and dozens of kids supplement with junk and while the parents mistakenly believe they are offering their children protection, they can be causing major disruptions on the inside (or outside!) Mighty Mins are the perfect balance for kids to reach optimum biological activity in their bodies and brains and allow the child to grow and blossom into successful adulthood.


My grandchildren love Bioraculous (they call it monster juice) which is easily mixed in a smoothie or yoghurt. They also get extra Mighty Min during the day. They hardly ever get sick from common colds or bugs.

If you are concerned that you are not going to live as long and strong as you would like to be able to, if you want to reverse damage done by past errors in your lifestyle, if you want to restore your metabolic balance and preserve your Nervous System, get yourself properly checked over with a full Biomedx session or annual check-up.

Biomedx/Complete Health Analysis

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Did you know that if you put more than 200 chickens together, they get all confused? Their brains literally implode, their brains can’t compute beyond 200 hens. The chickens work out their social structure in their early weeks of life, and each are definitely well aware of where they stand in the order. They can even recognise the individual faces of the others in the coop. Where they are in the pecking order often dictates how they exhibit their personalities. The similarities between chickens and the invisible hierarchy of the actions of the vitamins and minerals inside your body seem to be piling up…however it is easier to figure out who the boss of your pets is than uncovering the mystery workings of your body.
That’s where you sometimes need to call in the experts.

Peter does groundbreaking work in nutritional medicine here in Forth every day. He is Australia’s leading expert in Biomedx testing. His clients often recover in a very short time, all because he understands the natural order of things inside your body.

Do you feel as if your cells are running riot inside your body, and you have lost control of your health? Don’t despair. If you aren’t interested in your body’s chemistry or physiology, resort to a combination healing session, where we can regulate your body’s functions with energy medicine.

And last but not least, eat fermented foods every day. Fermented foods automatically correct imbalances in your metabolism, because that is one of the jobs of the beneficial bacteria and enzymes of kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir or kombucha.

Interested in becoming top dog of your little kingdom?

Enrol in Caleb’s next fearless fermenting course here! Till next time, Grada