The World Health organisation has come out saying that over 3.5 billion people are heavily infested with parasites in their bodies.

From what Pete and I have seen, we can’t argue with that.

Another scientific article claims that 85% of North Americans (who have much the same lifestyle as we have) suffer from parasites, yet they don’t know they do, they just put up with the symptoms.

The medical system doesn’t look for parasite/worm issues, because they believe it’s a third world country problem.

And, if a medical test is conducted, it’s not conclusive.

That means you can’t trust the result, because only a tiny percentage of parasites can be detected using medical tests.

There are trillions and trillions of micro-organisms that are parasitic in nature (they steal your energy, nutrition, vitamins and minerals).

There are thousands of small and large ones, that can spread all the way throughout the body.

There can be an overgrowth of Candida (a mold) or E.coli, as well as roundworm, fluke, and tapeworms.

Most people who have Lyme disease don’t even know that they have a parasite problem for instance.

So basically, we are being infected every day.

It’s important that you make sure you eliminate parasites out of your system as fast as possible.

What to do?

There is not one product that can wipe out all parasites.

Doctors and health professionals are finding out more and more that the once-a-year parasite cleanse doesn’t do the trick anymore.

It is really about doing a six-week parasite cleanse to start with, because the life cycle of some worms is six weeks by the time they lay eggs, get birthed and become adults, and then follow this up with a few things that you need to do daily, weekly and monthly.

If you want to get specific, please book a session with Pete or me, or chat with our team on 64283007.

The latest research shows that a lot of parasites respond to frequencies.

For instance, when a certain type of mould is exposed to 5G, it replicates at 500000 times more than the ‘normal’ replication rate.

The same goes for E.coli, a bug that lives in our colon.

Under the influence of 5G or other frequencies, it sometimes goes haywire!

When E.coli moves into forbidden territory e.g. your bladder, you might get a UTI or bladder infection.

Pete and I have had seen a sharp increase in people complaining about chronic bladder infections, so this makes sense.

(Thankfully D-Mannose takes care of your healthy bladder environment. If you are suffering with UTI’s, give D-mannose a try)

Nobody knows exactly how parasites enter our bodies.

They could be in the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, from patting pets and animals, having intimacy with other humans, from touching supermarket trolleys or mobile phones.

Other than normal common-sense hygiene, and making sure your stomach acid levels are healthy with a good quality supplement like Proton Plus (your stomach acid helps prevent parasites from entering) it’s best to be vigilant and commit to a wellness program.

Once parasites have invaded our bodies, they set up home in our gastrointestinal tract, use up our nutrients, irritate already existing health problems and even affect the way we think, and behave.

They not only gobble up all your nutrients, but they also urinate and defecate their waste back into your intestines.

They have a short lifespan, so they also die inside your systems and now your body has to get rid of dead tissue as well.

We can become allergic to the parasites as well as what they excrete.

This can set up a host of auto-immune responses.

So, lets look at some parasite / worm symptoms:

Have you ever experienced the following?

If you ticked 7 or more, you highly likely have a parasite problem.

Bear in mind that these symptoms can be an indication of other illnesses as well,

But, the fact is that many issues won’t go away till you eliminate the parasites and stick to a parasite cleanse program.

You only have one body!

Alicia, one of my young clients suffered from excruciating headaches for years.

The pain was so bad, the only relief came from resting her head on the cold cement outside or putting her head in cold water.

Her headaches completely cleared up after doing our recommendations. 

Another client, Tim, had been sick a lot.

His immune system was ‘broken’ and he wanted to fix it. 

Our tests showed evidence of parasites, so we recommended a parasite cleanse for starters. 

Within a few weeks, his immune system switched gears and he got better. 

Everyone else was falling ill, while Tim stayed healthy and energetic. 

The tables had turned in his favour. 

So, here is what we recommend if you have worms / parasites

To kill parasites: 

  1. 1 teaspoon of Diatomaceous Earth in water daily for one month,
  2. Take the ‘worming and parasite cleanse’ according to the instructions on the bottle,
  3. And/or supplement with Para-Fight, which is a parasite-fighting herbal mixture.

At the same time, heal and seal your gut with one of these super-strength gut healers

  1. Syntol,
  2. Spore Probiotics,
  3. Immuno-Synbiotic, 

And address your vitamin and mineral deficiency with Activator for adults or Mighty Mins for kids. 

This should take care of your parasite problems. 

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Have a look under the bonnet of your car, and book in for a Full Health Analysis.

We can also research your live and dried blood under the microscope and tell you everything we see, right there and then.

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We want you to be healthy and happy.

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