Do you sometimes feel that there is a power inside you that isn’t fully used?

I do!

The question is, why don’t we use that power every day to create health and wealth for instance?

The reason is that in our modern world, we base our understanding of our lives in this universe on science or on left brain knowledge.

We have been lied to, you could say.

We were trained to believe that there is nothing between you and the stars, only empty space.

Then we were led to believe that our internal experience, our thoughts, feelings and prayers or desires have no effect on the universe.

The truth is that we live in a field of infinite potential, and of pure consciousness.

We are part of that field.

When we learn how to connect with this field, and how it operates, we can switch on a new power, that can change our lives in an instant.

  • We can heal our bodies.
  • We can increase our money flow.
  • We can attract true love.
  • We can transform our past, present and future.

Our third eye is one of the most powerful ways to access information and source energy from the universe.

It is housed behind our eyes, and therefore this sacred centre is sometimes called our third eye.

It shines a divine light on the subject.

When our third eye is closed or constricted we are flying blind, we get lost, we struggle, everything becomes overwhelming and confusing – even the smallest decisions become hard work.

On the other hand, when our third eye is open and clear, we feel empowered, trusting and have clarity.

Our third eye will find the way home.

Home to our soul purpose, our mission, our happy place.

Intuition comes from our third eye OR we could say that we feel it in our gut; and our third eye gives us a refined version of our gut feeling.

Your intuition will naturally be strong if you have been brought up to rely on your intuition.

Unfortunately, that counts many of us out, so here is a practice that helps support your third eye.

The more you do it; the more you will recover your intuitive powers, so you can create the life you deserve.

My clients are often crippled with confusion; because, they believe they are listening to their hearts, only to find out that they were following their heads.

Our heads/mental processes create confusion and chaos, whereas our hearts are a space of deep insight that comes from love.

This exercise will show you how to connect to your heart centre; so your third eye gets a chance to relax and expand.

When you do this often, you will attract the gifts of peace, calm and abundance.

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