Are you looking for a way to detox your body?

Purple House Wellness Centre offers a variety of different treatments that can help you with the process.

Try our Secret Combo of Fermented Beet capsules & Taurine.

These two unique nutrients assist the liver to drain waste properly by dilating the 100’s of biliary ducts inside your liver.

This will help complete the detoxification process!

Did you know that athletes who have a glass of beetroot juice 20 minutes prior to an event compete 10% better?

This is because the body can rid itself of the waste produced while competing.

We suggest our Fermented Beetroot capsules, its more convenient and potent.

As for Taurine, low levels of taurine can create shortness of breath, unexplained tiredness, and a drop in stamina.

Taurine is completely lacking in a vegetarian or vegan diet, because the amino acid taurine is mainly found in red meat and fish.

Taurine Deficiency is way more common than you suspect.

Medical research shows that supplementing with Taurine offers you a level of protection from cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.

As early as the 1980s studies showed startling evidence of supplementing with Taurine and improved liver function.

Taurine helps control cholesterol and triglyceride production and enhances energy by assisting glucose and glycogen utilisation.

We offer many other treatments as well, such as allergy identification and clearing, live blood microscopy, structural alignment, trauma release and much more.

All these services are available at an affordable price so you can enjoy them without breaking your bank account.

In fact, we save you time and money, because we get straight to the root causes of your stress and pain.

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