Osteoporosis affects 55% of the population over 50 years of age (including men).

I’m here to tell you that osteoporosis doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end!

Today we want to share a secret ingredient that will help revive your body, rejuvenate your cells and create strong bones.

Many of our clients bone density improved by following the steps in this e-book, which can download for free by clicking the link below.

Even the women who were in dire-bone-crumbling-straights, or the ones who came in plaster were able to throw their crutches away.

There is no escaping the fact that osteoporosis is big business.

In fact, osteoporosis and its close cousin arthritis affect 30% of the population in the developed countries.

This is the main source of income for the medical-pharmaceutical system.

It has been estimated as the biggest, most profitable industry in the world.

First let me explain what osteoporosis is: Osteo means bone and porosis means brittle or porous.

So it means the density and quality of our bones is reduced.

Our bones are living tissue and constantly changing.

Old bones die and are replaced or remodelled by new bone tissue every day.

Between 20 and 30 years of age our bones are at their peak bone mass.

It’s all downhill from there, to the point where 1 fracture occurs every 3 seconds around the world through osteoporosis.

Is it preventable or curable?

We believe so.

Do you need to supplement with calcium, low fat dairy products and HRT, and cut out salt?

NO, NO and NO unless you want to get old long before you are due and want to inflict maximum suffering on yourself.

There is a perfect cure which you won’t find in glossy health magazines.

And it is so cheap, harmless and freely available that you will cry when you find out what it is.

Do you really want to know?

It’s Borax.

Borax is safer than normal refined table salt.

Boron, or Borax, is a naturally occurring mineral mined from dried salt lakes in California and Turkey.

Plants need Boron to thrive but artificial fertilizer stops the absorption of Boron from the soil.

Hence you won’t get any boron from your conventionally grown vegies or meat.

A compromised intestinal tract (irritable bowel, Crohns, Candida) and gluten sensitivity will greatly reduce the availability of Boron in the body.

(To heal and seal your gut, supplement with the Ultimate Vitality Boost package, which we put together to support your return to great health.)

What are signs of Boron deficiency?

• Aching joints,

• Stiffness and muscle cramps,

• Calcification of the glands, especially the pineal gland which orchestrates your hormones and the ovarian glands,

• Hardening of the arteries,

• Kidney stones and kidney failure,

• Brittle bones and teeth,

• Low testosterone in men,

• Low oestrogen in women,

• All forms of arthritis, psoriasis,

•Poor memory or vision and poor balance.

Boron compounds also protect us from tumours and cancer.

Raising Boron levels in the body will make your bones harder and it also normalizes the sex hormones in charge of the growth of new bone.

Low oestrogen levels after menopause are thought to be the main reason why so many older women develop osteoporosis.

Boron is a safe and natural alternative to HRT.

What’s more, Boron will magically raise your oestrogen to premenopausal days but it won’t raise it above normal levels, like HRT is inclined to do.

Borax has more good news in store: it reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Research on Boron has shown that it increases the levels of free testosterone when young blokes take about 100mg daily. After one week their levels were up by one third.

Elevated testosterone levels are beneficial for shrinking prostate tumours and PSA levels.

It also significantly improves memory, vision and function of the brain cells.

Boron is also one of the best Candida cures, being an excellent fungicide.

Candida is the main cause of leaky gut and irritable bowel AND contributes to cancer.

One person wrote this: “I also have psoriasis, so maybe the soreness in my joints is the psoriatic arthritic creeping in.

I thought, after reading about borax I would give it a try.

In one day, the soreness in my knees had vanished! … Also, my psoriasis seems a lot better.

In 2006 I witnessed the horrors of osteoporosis first hand.

The orthopedic ward at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne was full of people with fractures from crumbling bones.

The suffering on these wards was palpable.

What’s worse: I couldn’t help anyone because I was paralysed and trying to heal myself from massive MVA injuries.

At night my fellow patients cried and moaned.

It wasn’t just from the pain, but from the hopelessness of their situation.

They knew that sooner or later they would fracture another bone… and go through the whole painful process again.

They were helpless to do anything about it.

Why were they helpless? Because they were ignorant!

I in turn felt frustrated on their behalf.

Here I was, feeling powerless because I was lying flat on my back, unable to move around to offer them comfort.

Knowing full well that with every sugary cordial drink and every mouthful of white bread, every calcium tablet, prednisolone, painkiller and every sugary cup of tea administered by kind nurses, they were paving the road to the next fracture.

Yet there are simple measures and therapies that work wonders.

They worked for me!

I was told I may never walk again, and if I did, both hips would need replacing within a decade.

Yet here I am, feeling better than I did 20 years ago!

Here is what to do to prevent and reverse osteoporosis:

6mg of Borax daily for prevention. You can achieve this by wetting the tip of your finger, putting it in the Borax powder and licking it off. You need 9 mg, or 3 fingertips to reverse osteoporosis, arthritis, allergies and lupus.

Magnesium, 400 to 600 mg daily as well as magnesium oil which can be sprayed on affected areas.

• Proteins with each meal. Minerals contribute to 70% of bone strength and the other 30% is determined by proteins. Good proteins are organic eggs, meat, activated nuts, protein powders like pea and rice and Bioraculous, chia, hemp seeds and quinoa

Betaine HCL, 1 with each meal. You can supplement and eat the best food till the cows come home, but if you don’t have enough stomach acid you won’t assimilate the nutrients vital for your bone health.

Maca powder is a potent natural hormonal aid which reverses the ageing process and puts a spring back in your step (or bones). Mix the powder in your breakfast smoothie.

Maca is full of essential nutrients including calcium and magnesium in the right ratio.

10 iodine drops daily to support your thyroid, which also works hard to keep your bones healthy.

Drink your daily quota of salt water.

Every day you need 1 litre of water for every 30kg of body weight. 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt should be added to each litre of water.

Avoid calcium supplementation!

Your calcium levels are most likely too high already.

It will have built up in the wrong places causing pain and inflammation.

Instead of in your bones, calcium will be found in the muscles and soft tissues of the body (which will now be stiff and sore) and inside your heart, arteries, brain and hormonal glands, doing damage by calcifying you, making you old and grey before your time.

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