I’ve been there many times. Before I got hit by a truck, I had been blessed with great health. Six pregnancies had been a breeze and I’d never had a day in bed for 25 years till my life came to a halt in 2006.

It took me until 2013 to fully and completely recover.

During this time I had many ups and downs, but the one thing that always helped pick me up was reflexology. Thankfully I had taught my kids how to do it, so I was on the receiving end of foot reflexology from day one in my recovery.

I’d seen many miracles at work as a practitioner, so I had full faith in the power of the mind/body connection and reflexology was perfect for me, because my feet were the only parts of my body that were relatively unhurt.

Our bodies act as their own best doctor. All the secrets of self-healing are stored in each and every cell and reflexology helps the body remember what its meant to do to heal itself.

There were many moments that I wanted to reach out to my fellow patients on the trauma ward to relieve their suffering, but I couldn’t walk, so I had to listen to their cries. I knew that even a 10-minute reflexology session here and there would have been a catalyst in their recovery and it added to my helplessness that I couldn’t reach out!

Today, I feel better than ever and I am on a mission to teach and inspire people to believe in themselves, to trust in their body’s inner intelligence/doctor, to give it what it needs to heal. In my opinion, reflexology is one of the most effective, enjoyable and simple ways to precisely unblock the energy field of the body, so it can speed heal itself from almost anything.

Reflexology unscrambles the information caused by trauma, shock, bacteria, toxins or other invaders, so your immune system gets a chance to recover.

If you are interested in learning how to switch on your body’s self-repair mechanism and heal yourself naturally as you are designed to do, please register for my upcoming reflexology masterclass on the 6th and 7th July.

No prior knowledge required, only an open mind and heart.

At the end of the workshop, you will have the confidence and skill to work with your family and friends. You will never have to stand by helplessly and watch others suffer unnecessarily.

If you are a practitioner, you will learn many new secrets (only known by me) to open the floodgates of health.

This will be my last reflexology workshop for 2019, so make the most of this opportunity.

Beginners and repeats are most welcome.

So looking forward to working with you!
Much love, Grada

Call my team on 64283007 for more info or to book over the phone.