Where is that incessant ringing sound coming from? As you slowly regain consciousness, you realize it’s the alarm to wake you up. You have overslept. With a moan and a yawn you try to prise your eyelids open. They are refusing to budge as you lie there wondering when was the last time you felt fully energized? It seems like lifetimes ago.

Or you might be the opposite. You simply can’t fall asleep. As soon as you do, the slightest sound jolts you from your dreams. Then it takes another age to drop back off to sleep. At the crack of dawn you are wide awake again, ready to meet the day. You’re bouncing with energy for the first half of the day, only to find yourself starting to flag late morning and you can’t seem to pick up speed for the remainder.

You feel flat, grumpy and out of sorts by the time you get home, irritated and annoyed by everyone.

These are classic examples of people not producing enough energy.

The first one slept like a log all night and still had no zing.

The second one barely slept at all and was using his core energy to get through the day.

Actually, I am talking about Grada and me in a former life, before we studied the Biomedx testing in Chicago. We had travelled to the other side of the world in search of answers that would help Grada’s recovery from a near fatal accident in 2006.

She was left for dead, lying on the road after being hit fair and square by a passing potato truck as she was getting into her car outside the Purple House.

I believe the truck driver had been distracted by my beautiful wife – you know when you are looking at the sights when you drive, the steering wheel often turns the way you look? Perhaps that is what happened.

Anyway in 2009 we were in Chicago to learn live & dried blood microscopy and urine & saliva metabolic testing. All the students had to run tests on each other and we learnt where we were out of balance, creating lack of energy (in spite of a great diet), depression, anxiety or aches and pains.

Forewarned is forearmed

Grada was like the first person in this story. Her cell membranes were way too closed and things couldn’t go in and out of the cells to produce energy. People like Grada are more prone to all types of cancer, because the cells are deprived of oxygen and that is a type of environment that cancer loves. This is good to know, because one in three of us will suffer cancer at some point of our lives, unless you are prepared to take a look at what is going on. In fact recent statistics in the US are pointing to one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer.

My cell membranes on the other hand were too open, which meant they lost a lot of energy. People with that condition, where their cells are too open, tend to suffer strokes and cardiovascular disease. I have been able to monitor my cells closely since 2009 so I have been able to protect my heart, kidneys and brain with the supplements I take.

anabolic vs catabolic

We learnt so much more about cellular health and other metabolic functions, including the health of our kidneys, heart, liver, adrenals, stomach acid levels and overall pH levels, whether we had enough minerals on board, and how stressed or relaxed our nervous system was.

Grada’s recovery improved dramatically.

My energy levels picked up once I was able to enjoy deep and restful sleep and my digestive system made a comeback. IBS and food intolerances that had plagued me all my life became a thing of the past. I started to totally digest everything I ate, and this improved my fitness levels and my moods.

From that time on we have helped thousands of clients with our Biomedx/Complete health analysis.

When was the last time you had a complete health overhaul?

Don’t wait till it is too late.

If you are tired or grumpy for no obvious reason it is time to look under the bonnet and find out what is going on. It could be the engine (heart) or the starter motor (thyroid). Your kidneys could be suffering from your blood being to sludgy, caused by filling up with the wrong fuel and so on.

In real life, you wouldn’t disconnect the warning lights on the dashboard and keep driving, expecting for the wheels to stay on the cart. But that is exactly how we often treat our bodies. We shoot the messenger (pain) by taking pain killers, anti inflammatories and other pills, when it is so easy to find the root cause and correct it.

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