New workshop! Principals of healing l

Going into the Inner Sanctum.

18th and 19th of November

With Grada Robertson

Investment: $495

This workshop is about Heart Centred Healing, using a variety of exercises, stories and techniques that will open you up to experience healing on all levels. The aim is to connect deeply with your true essence. This will lead into

Principals of Healing ll

Creating Miracles around you.

25th and 26th of November

With Grada Robertson

Investment: $495

Now that your heart is centred and aligned to the Universal energy that flows through all living creatures, you will learn to identify energy blocks in fellow humans (or animals or plants), where they come from and learn practical solutions to open the energy flow so that health is restored, with minimal distress or effort, creating lasting results, just like I do in my sessions at the Purple House. This leads to the third weekend, where Peter will help me teach you to re-align your core structure using energy.

Principals of Healing lll

Core structural alignment

2nd and 3rd December

With Peter and Grada Robertson

Investment $495

Now that you are an energy healer we are going deeper into the structure (spine, pelvis, shoulders and other joints) and release long held patterns allowing your body to re-align itself to get maximum mobility and freedom from pain. Call: 64283007 to reserve your spot.