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Paleo restaurants, meals and products are popping up all over the place and so are the terms LCHF (low carb high fat) and ‘Banting’. Here is an excerpt of an interview with Professor Tim Noakes to clarify the similarities and benefits of these diets. Prof Noakes is in great shape. At 65, after four years on LCHF diet, his energy levels are going through the stratosphere and his running has improved spectacularly.

“I don’t run as fast as I ran in my 20’s, but I am running faster and further in training, and with more enjoyment than I did 20 years ago” he says. He hasn’t gained a gram of the 20kg he lost in the first two years on the diet, and his health has improved. Noakes has type 2 diabetes, which he developed despite religiously eating the recommended high carb, low fat diet for 33 years that experts told him would prevent diabetes.

He sleeps like a baby and no longer snores nor falls asleep in front of the TV. All other ailments (recurring bronchitis, rhinitis, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome and gastric reflux for which he was considering surgery) have disappeared.

Here he gives us the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tim Noakes ‘getting started’

Is your diet Atkins?

No, Atkins is high protein and mine is high fat, moderate protein.

Is it Paleo?

I go more low carbs than Paleo and I exclude fruits.

Is it Banting?

William Banting was a morbidly obese, ailing British undertaker who tried everything in order to lose weight. In 1862 his Dr Harvey advised him to eat LCHF which he did and he lost weight and felt great. More importantly, his weight stayed off. Reducing weight so drastically has become known as the Banting diet. “I am done with carbs. I am Banting. I’ve dropped 20kg in a month and added 40kg to my benchpress!”

Is weighing of food on your diet?

No, that’s a joke. You don’t know how many calories each person needs. The only way to know is by weighing yourself. If your weight stays stable, you are eating the same number of calories you are expending. If you are lean, that will probably be the correct number of calories for your body and activity level. There’s no other way remotely accurate enough to measure your calorie level.

Is your diet extreme?

Only is that it’s extremely low in carbs, the only nutrient for which humans have absolutely no essential requirements. In 1977, when we were told to eat diets extremely high in carbohydrates, human health started to fail on a global scale.

So what’s the key here?

The key is to eat a diet that keeps blood insulin and glucose concentration low, because elevated concentrations are linked to long term health problems. Once you cut out the carbs your brain will tell you if you need more fat or protein. It’s about finding the balance that works for you.

On to the fundamentals of your diet; what do you cut out?

Bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, sugar, all grains and cereals, processed, packages, boxed and adulterated foods, cakes, sweets, biscuits, fizzy drinks, all the addictive things as well as low fat foods.

What to keep in?

Fat and proteins. You can eat fat in relatively unlimited amounts, but only moderate protein. A healthy high protein for humans doesn’t exist. If your diet was 100% protein, you’d quickly get sick and die. You can’t really overdose on fats. It reduces appetite and it’s the best way to get over sugar addiction.

What are good protein sources?

Start with eggs, full fat dairy, cheese, yoghurt, fish and chicken with the skin and not battery fed. Organic meats, or at least pasture raised, not from animals raised in feed lots and fed grains, because that destroys the meat’s quality.

And good fat sources?

Butter and cream. Ladle meat and veg with butter and put cream in your tea or coffee. Coconut oil is very healthy; everybody should have 2 tablespoons daily. Avocadoes, nuts, especially macadamias because they are like drops of fat and all tree nuts. Not peanuts or cashews because they are legumes, not nuts.

What about vegetables?

All vegetables have carbohydrates, but we recommend those with the lowest carb, highest nutrient content: leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower etc.

What carb-fat-protein ratio is best?

Depends how sick you are. If you are diabetic, we say 20 to 30% protein, 60 to 70% fat, 5% carbs. The sicker you are, the more fat you need, because fat is insulin neutral. The more insulin resistant you are, the more fat you can eat, because even when your pancreas fails, fat is the only fuel you can metabolise safely without requiring insulin. It’s perfect for blood sugar control.

No sweet treats at all?

A small piece of dark chocolate is fine, but many people can’t just eat one small piece, like smokers who can’t have one cigarette. They key is to get sugar out the diet. People don’t understand how addictive sugar is, or what it actually is, that is not just the white stuff, but also high-fructose- corn syrup (HFCS)in foods. That’s what I classify as sugar, the really addictive one. If you can get people down to 25 g of carbs a day for a few months with no added sugar the brain no longer searches for sugar. That’s the key to success.

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This workshop is based on the works of Pete Evans, Tim Noakes and Tasmania’s own Dr Gary Fettke.

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