In my line of work, I see so many people who have given up too soon.

They have resigned themselves to live in pain or stuck-ness, or lack of love, or money.

Resignation means quiet desperation.

You aren’t meant to live from desperation, you are meant to live from love and purpose, and empowerment.

In this video I want to help you overcome your blockages so you can enjoy successes in life, whether it’s your health, wealth or relationships.

To help you keep moving forward to your goals no matter what the obstacles are, or how many times you have failed in the past.

So here is what I want you to do:

Think about an area of your life that you feel some resignation about.

Be very honest with yourself. Bring it to mind.

Now feel where this is stuck inside your body. When you think about it, where do you feel pain, pressure, resistance, stress or heaviness in your body?

Put your hand on that area to amplify the energy of it.

Now while your hand is on that spot, start becoming aware of your vertical core.

Your vertical core is the core of energy that travels up and down through your body. It is divine energy and your connection to source.

Breathe into it and become very quiet.

The name of the game is to free up the energy that gets stuck in the lower chakras.

The lower chakras have suffered a bad rep traditionally because they are to do with power, sex, and money.

In my work, I know that avoiding those chakras and not grounding into the lower half of your body isn’t the answer.

When you avoid the lower chakras, it creates a lot of anxiety, stress resistance, mess, and chaos.

You have to be inside your body to free up the energy of those lower chakras to manifest your goals easily.

Now that you have connected to your vertical core, take your awareness back to where your hand is, and remember what you felt resigned about.

Simply drop that energy blockage into the vertical core and move it downwards into your pelvic bowl, where it is set free.

You are now energetically ready to move forward easier.

Keep doing this with all your goals.

I strongly encourage you to have bigger and better goals for yourself. As you grow and evolve on your spiritual journey, so will your goals.

There is nothing that can’t be healed or achieved.

You are 99.9999% energy, living in a Universe that is governed by the energy of Unconditional Love, and there is nothing that unconditional love cannot heal.

Simply be ready to receive..

Keep going. Never stop. Be persistent. Never give up on yourself and the Universe will back you up every step along the way.

Keep doing this simple exercise and unlock your true capacity for success, happiness, health, and abundance, which are your birthright.

Much love as always. Grada

PS: looking forward to your feedback!