Effective 21st August 17 a new price structure applies at the Purple House. This is our first increase since 2012. Our new fees reflect the quality of the services we offer to you, our valued client.

Massage Therapy – One hour $95, half hour $80

Bowen therapy –  One hour $95, half hour $80

A regular massage will never go out of fashion. If you don’t know where to start with improving self care, have a massage.  Not only are we an authority in the field of pain relief (from sciatica to headaches to serious digestive upsets or structural imbalances), we also love to help you relax, unwind and feel fantastic! We encourage you to drink plenty of water after each massage, because your lymphatic system will be fully activated and your body will be shedding toxic fluids and wastes. Don’t be surprised at how radiant you feel the following day, or the number of compliments you will get!

1-hour Combination Treatment- $145

(may include energy medicine like kinergetics, reflexology, cranio-sacral, massage, aura soma & live blood analysis, allergy testing and correcting) 

Half hour Combination Consult – $80

Please note: 1 hour Grada treatment now $195 and 1/2 hour Grada treatment now $95. Because Grada is booked up for months in advance, please consider seeing Tarley, Melanie or Sarah-Anne, who work very similar.

Biomedx/Full Health Analysis – $395

Biomedx session includes around 26 chemical tests on your urine (which is filtered blood) and saliva (which reflects your lymph system). It includes checking your resting and standing blood pressures, your blood sugar levels and many other clinical tests. Also includes live blood analysis, followed by a written report.

The truth is: no two people are biological identical, therefore no two people need exactly the same diet and nutritional supplements. The beauty of Biomedx is that now we can find the root cause and reverse the process of disease.  click here to discover the value of a full health analysis; http://bit.ly/Biomedx

What is Kinergetics?

Do you suffer from Candida, allergies, insomnia, chronic fatigue, pain, addictions, dizziness, dyslexia, hormonal or structural problems and have tried everything else? Then it is time for Kinergetics which is a super-fast application of kinesiology. Through the art of muscle testing we can pinpoint exactly where your main imbalances are in your body/energy field which are then corrected with healing energy. Dramatic changes are often experienced on the spot as you let go of trauma and stress which may have been trapped inside your cells for decades, holding you back all these years. Expect miracles to happen!  Click here http://bit.ly/ourtherapies to stay informed!