Myth 2

HEART BURN or acid reflux are caused by too much stomach acid.

How many times have you heard that?

Let me tell you that the opposite is true.

The Truth About Acid Reflux and heart burn:

If your stomach acid levels are too low, then bacteria that live in your stomach take over.

They will eat the food you eat, mostly feasting on the carbohydrates because you have trouble digesting anything else.

The bacteria will create exotoxins / ferments as they excrete their metabolic waste into your stomach (gross!).

These waste products of bacteria metabolism include foul gases that cause air pressure in your stomach.

This makes you feel bloated and can cause so much pressure that it forces the upper valve of the stomach to slip open momentarily, resulting in the contents of the stomach to be regurgitated.   

This is the true cause of most cases of acid reflux. 

My client Tony was suffering from this exactly.

His wife calls him the ‘gas man’ for obvious reasons.

His tummy sticks out like a balloon, he burps and farts all day long and he also suffers from bad body odour.

But that is not the reason he and his wife came to see me.

The worst problem was that he couldn’t sustain an erection, and he was only young!

Tony had been taking ant acids for years. He had used them all, Nexium, Losac, proton pump inhibitors..

He thought they had been a life saver.

Little did he know that he was in deep trouble..

He was simply another victim of the ridiculous blunder of anti acids, alkaline water and proton pump inhibitors.

Why are these processes so popular if they are so completely mistaken?

Because they give us quick relief from the pain of acid reflux.

But it is false economy…

Low stomach acid = low quality of life, low vitality, low moods, low everything.

I told Tony that anti acids are not a long term solution because they inhibit or stop your digestion.

When your cells are starving it’s only logical that your body isn’t going to ‘waste’ any energy on sex.

We needed to solve his heartburn from another direction: improve his HCL then his acid reflux and unresponsive body parts would be a thing of the past.  

If you are like Tony and have taken anti acids for years, you have been torturing your body long enough!

I want you to give yourself a chance of a better life, start taking Betaine HCL!

If you don’t believe me, let me give you the analogy that swayed Tony to quit his ant acids.

I told him that even his car needs acid to start.

When you have a flat battery you can turn the key a hundred times, you can swear, thump and kick your car but it won’t budge unless you recharge your battery.

Once the battery has lost its acidity, there is no use recharging it. It won’t work. The only solution is to get a new battery.

Thankfully our bodies are much more resilient than your car battery.

Our stomach is a beast! It is meant to be so acidic that it makes car battery acid look pale by comparison.

Stomach acid would burn a hole through my key board and writing desk right now if I were to spill a drop of it, but our stomach itself loves to wallow in acid.

We don’t need to pussyfoot around it with ant acids!

We don’t need to exchange it for a new stomach, not even after a life time of abuse.

The entire lining of the stomach is BRAND NEW roughly EVERY 5 DAYS.

Our wonderful amazing stomach is like a rock crusher.

It has walls that are 5mm thick with ridges on the inside that purlverize our food and it needs lots of acid to work properly.

As far as his impotence was concerned, Tony’s body simply didn’t have what it took to sustain an erection.

If you want to be ‘hard like a rock’, you need to think minerals (a rock is nothing but a block of minerals after all).

Where do you get your minerals from?

From your food! Or more precise, from assimilating your food properly.

Numerous important minerals depend on hydrochloric acid for their absorption.

Chiefly: magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium, iron, manganese, molybdenum and selenium.

To give Tony a head start, I instructed him to have a teaspoon of healthy Himalayan Salt per day, as well as 4 litres of water daily (he weighed around 120 kg.)

Tony was a big man, so he needed to take between 5 and 7 Betaine HCL with each meal. These would act like fire lighters to get his digestion cracking and his juices flowing.

He also needed the Ultimate Vitality Boost. The name says it all: to boost his vitality and breathe some life into his circulation.

The BeetFlow in the Ultimate Vitality Boost would stimulate his bile flow, which would stop his farting or flatulence.

The iodine would restore his hormone levels. I have had clients who took 30 drops of iodine daily, to recharge their dormant testosterone levels, with happy results.

The Betaine HCL would stop his burping.

Burping is ALWAYS a sign you are deficient in stomach acids/hydrochloric acid.

When Tony and his wife returned, they had a happy glow about them that said it all.

She no longer called him the ‘gas man’.

Tony’s BO had also disappeared, because his body was now able to get rid of toxins through his bowels into the toilet, rather than out through the pores of the skin. Your skin will start acting as a filtration system when all else fails.

If any of your systems are flagging, stop pushing your symptoms around and correct the root cause: your faulty digestion.

Or book in for a session with Pete for Biomedx or live blood analysis.

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