Today we lift the lid on the state of mental suffering in our men.

The numbers are staggering: in the US (which would be very similar to Aus) 9% of men suffer from depression every day.

That amounts to 6 million men.

Most of the guys never own up to it.

They simply say they are tired or cranky.

3 million men suffer from anxiety daily.

Of the 3.5 million people diagnosed with schizophrenia by the age of 30, more than 90% are men.

Mental health can lead to eating disorders and an estimated 10 million men in the US will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime.

1 in 5 men becomes an alcoholic to drown their sorrows.

Male suicides just keep on rising.

It is the second most common cause of death for males between the ages of 10 to 39.

We all have to jump on board to make this stop!

It’s OK to feel like crap, to fall apart, to not cope, to suffer from overwhelm and panic, to not have your shit together.

It’s not OK to keep pretending you are fine!

Stop keeping this deep dark secret to yourself!

Dudes like Pete have a tendency to keep everything in.

But, by keeping it in, you contaminate all of your relationships and you increase your risk of ending it all, when help is just a cry away.

Pete and I were caught up in some sort of abuse cycle for decades.

  • Pete would get depressed.
  • I would nag him to open up.
  • He would blame me for nagging.
  • I would get angry and explode, which would magically shift Pete’s depression for a few weeks or days, until it all started over again.

Little did we know that Pete suffered from a gut disorder that left him prone to depression and despondency.

We now know that the gut produces as many neurotransmitters as the brain.

The gut is instrumental in keeping serotonin (the happy hormone) levels humming along nicely.

Eventually, we found the answers Pete needed after we studied Biomedx science in Chicago.

Today Pete helps many clients to achieve good steady mental and physical health by doing the Biomedx testing.

We also created the Ultimate Vitality Boost package, which builds your gut health from ground zero.

Pete has been supplementing with this set for well over a decade; it has saved our lives and marriage!

Fermented foods directly stimulate gut and brain health, so if you have kids with mental illness, or worry about your partner, make sure to include them in meal times.

If you don’t like fermented foods, make sure you get the Ultimate Vitality Boost and supplement with that every day.

Supplements for Mental Health

If you feel suicidal or know of somebody who is about to commit suicide, you need 1 glutamine and 2 tyrosine immediately.

This will remove the urge to commit suicide and then there is an opportunity to look at real answers and long term solutions that work.

Post Partum Depression is also way more common in men than we realise.

To ease the suffering, take maximum amounts of magnesium

Also keep up with the secret mineral supplementation which is not negotiable if you want to achieve good health. (Call us to order this)

5 HTP is a great help on your journey to perfect mental health.

It helps create healthy serotonin levels, keeps you calm and steady and induces relaxation, without any addictive effects.

All these supplements are of the highest quality, very affordable and easy to take.

They work.

They have changed many lives around.

You only have one life!

Invest in yourself.

We offer you the knowledge and supplements (and treatments) so you don’t have to suffer like we did.

Many years were lost where we could have enjoyed ourselves, but instead we had to tiptoe around Pete.

Then I spent time in a psychiatric ward myself with acute Panic disorder during my recovery period from a MVA.

That was the tip of the iceberg of suffering for me…. for years I was paddling like crazy, keeping it all together on the surface but unable to relax in myself, while the kids needed me as teenagers.

I am not pretending to understand what it’s like to be a dude, but I can tell you, anxiety and panic disorder are not for the faint hearted.

If only we could turn the clock back…..

Thankfully, Pete and I never gave up on ourselves or each other and today we are grateful for the fantastic life we have.

Change starts with you!

Let’s all be more compassionate, patient and understanding with ourselves and others today.

Let’s spend time listening and responding to the silent cries for help from our men.

Book in for a diagnostic session with Pete, or Grada or have a regular healing massage.

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Much love,