If I offered you a choice between a three course meal and an hour massage which one would you choose? Even if you are hungry right now, the very best choice would be the massage.

Until now you may not have realized that you are born with two hungers: food hunger and skin hunger. Perhaps your skin has become so anorexic that it can’t even remember the feeling of hunger, or the sense of wellbeing that comes from that hunger being satisfied at last.

Touch is actually the very first sense that develops inside the womb. Your skin can sense touch at just 9 weeks of gestation. During the first nine months of your life you are constantly being rocked and massaged by your mother’s body. At birth, you are instantly deprived of this constant reassuring surrounding that was so soothing to your Nervous System and it is never fully replaced, leaving the human race with a hollow feeling that is never fully satisfied and this may even be the root cause of so much unrest in the world.

Did you know that until the 1930s the death rate for orphans under one year old in American orphanages was nearly 100%! They just wasted away even though they were being fed. Then a Dr visited a children’s clinic in Germany where he saw a fat old lady shuffling around with babies clinging to every part of her. When a baby didn’t improve after everything that was medically possible had been done, it was handed over to Old Ana. She simply carried the babies around with her and they always thrived.  Then the idea of mothering was introduced into these orphanages and the orphans instantly started to thrive. (Seems like a no-brainer to me, but then I am a mum of six kids)

More recent studies have shown that premature babies who were massaged for 15 minutes 3 times daily in their incubator gained weight 45% faster than others left alone. The babies didn’t eat more; the weight gain was solely due to the effect of touch.

Research of human behaviour in different cultures has found a correlation between low levels of infant touching and high levels of violence.  However they found that when they introduced loving touch into these societies the level of violence was reduced. This seems to indicate that it is never too late to feed the skin hunger. Skin hunger is perhaps the most basic need that is completely unrecognized and overlooked in our society. We deny ourselves touch and spend money on a bigger house or a zippy car when a weekly massage for instance would make us feel much more content. In fact we are so unaware of this need that we don’t even know what is wrong with us till we have a massage. Then we feel so right that we can’t believe it. That is because the skin is the largest organ of the body, covered in millions of nerve endings and so healing touch reaches from the surface areas into the deepest darkest corners of our being.

If research has proven that regular massage lower the levels of violence in society perhaps the government could introduce a wellness scheme where every citizen was paid to have a daily massage before they retired for the night.  Can you imagine the change it would create in us? Even the tone of the media would change as the craving for unhappy news would no longer satisfy the hunger of the population. There wouldn’t be any road rage. The pace of life would slow down. Eventually countries would stop warring because nobody would feel like fighting. The idea of picking up a weapon or killing somebody would seem ridiculous. Even the notion of ‘enemies” would become alien.

This idea isn’t as silly and unrealistic as it seems. For instance the US government spent as much money on “defence” in the last decade that instead, they could have given every family a house and every child in the country free education and health care instead. OK, let’s be realistic and the pollies can only give you 3 massages per week, that is roughly one every second day. Your Nervous System is just getting a bit frayed around the edges and bingo, you are back on the massage table.

The politicians will be able to save billions on hospital bills and lawyers would be out of work because nobody wants to quarrel or divorce anymore. Citizens will become law abiding because everybody feels so chilled out and mellow that there is actually no need for rules and regulations. We would have to find new jobs for lawyers, police and doctors. I suppose they would enter the massage profession because there will be a huge demand! They could develop new massage styles: the lawyers would do manipulating and friction massage, the ex-copper could do deep tissue and the doctors could do the reception work and referrals because they have excellent computer skills.

There would be a new Parliamentary rule that says that all politicians have to massage a member of the Opposition every other day.  They have to take it in turns.  While they are massaging they will be exchanging ideas and in the end they won’t be able to help it: they will agree on everything. Soon there will be no Opposition anymore and we will only need a very small government.

Overall the country will have saved so much money that it will be able to introduce a three hour work week.  When the word “stress’ comes up in the spelling tests at school the teacher will have to explain that back in the dark ages, when she was young, “stress’ was this evil thing that  silently snuck up on you without you realizing  and it eventually ruled every citizen of the country causing a great many ills and heart aches.  It all changed at the introduction of “the Daily Massage” (or D.M in short). Depending on how many years before or after D.M you were born some people would still have a faint memory of the stress concept and the 90% of all diseases that sprung from it.

So what is in it for me? Well research has also shown that massage is very soothing and calming for the person giving it. It must be because only the most chilled out brain could think of such a simple yet brilliant idea to change the world! Einstein said that in order to solve a problem you have to change the state of the mind that came up with the problem in the first place. If massage can have such a profound, long lasting and deeply calming effect on the Nervous System of every person in the world wouldn’t that be the best place to start?

We have 8 highly professional massage therapists at the Purple House and we love what we do. There is nothing more rewarding than transforming tired, frazzled and worn out bodies back to radiant happy human beings all in the space of one session. If you want to satisfy your skin hunger now phone our receptionist now on 64283007 and you are one step closer to feeling calm and balanced.  You could also start the ball rolling and get a gift voucher for your friend/family member/ neighbour and you will have the perfect gift for Christmas.

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Till next time, Grada