Just take it easy…

How many times have you heard that?

Take a deep breath, slow down for a bit…

See the glass half full instead of half empty…

Every cloud has a silver lining..

Get over it… man up…

This well-meaning advice only make matters worse when you are suffering from trauma.

Here is what I know about trauma from working with thousands upon thousands of clients over the last 2 decades.

Trauma isn’t just something that we can address from a cognitive perspective.

Trauma isn’t simply a glitch in the executive functioning of our brain.

We can’t just snap out of trauma.

Trauma is a bodily experience as well as a mental one.

That means that when we want to heal or recover from trauma it’s important that we don’t just talk about it. If that’s all we do, trauma will remain stuck inside our cells, ready to disrupt us when we least want it.

When our ‘brain’ is experiencing trauma, our heart rate might go up or down, we can’t rest or sleep properly, our digestion is impaired, we can’t receive love as much as we would like, our hands or feet start to sweat ‘for no reason’, our bones tremble, we might suffer from headaches, food allergies, inflammation, irritability, stress, overwhelm, anger, fear, sadness and disconnect.

It can go on for years, life times even because traumatic energy is passed on from one generation to the next.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

So no, trauma isn’t just a thinking thing.

If you have been told “It’s all in your head! Snap out of it!” take heart, there is hope for you.

I experienced 7 years of extreme Post Traumatic Growth (I like to call it that rather than Post Traumatic Stress) starting with being hit by a truck and left for dead in Jan 2006 and finishing with a life threatening bowel blockage in Jan 2013.

I realised that to heal myself from trauma, I had to work with all levels of my being, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Each area is of equal importance.

You didn’t just simply think your way into trauma, so you can’t think your way out of trauma.

Read about this experience in my memoir: ‘You Are The Miracle: How being hit by a truck saved my life

Now, you may think, “I didn’t get hit by a truck… I wasn’t left for dead or had a bowel blockage!”

But hang on a minute, let me ask you a question…

Have you had a car accident?

Been attacked at some point in your life?

Have you been abused as a child?

Have you lost someone, and you felt like life could not go on?

Do you face such severe stresses at work that your hands are shaking?

Do you chronically worry about your money situation… how you are going to make ends meet?

Do you overreact to the slightest noise?

These are just some of the symptoms that you have ‘issues in your tissues’ and trauma locked into the cells of your body.

You can probably think of your own examples right now.

And this trauma energy is haemorrhaging your joy, energy and zest for life.

Because from my experience, deep trauma energy and a sense of easy happiness and security don’t live together in the same cells.

They don’t co-exist.


You either experience one or the other.

Trauma or even severe stress makes us shut down, it makes us retreat into our selves and withdraw.

It is called collapse or freeze in terms of psycho-biology.

Our bodies don’t feel safe anymore.

Sometimes everything hurts.

We might even experience excruciating physical pain, have operation after operation, countless visits to the physiotherapist or chiropractor and nothing changes on a cellular level.

We still always feel anxious, on edge and threatened, overreacting at the slightest trigger.

That’s because nothing will change till all that toxic trauma energy gets a chance to release from your cells, tissues, organs and skeleton, as well as your mind and soul.


The same way that I regained my sanity, freedom and happiness: by using energy medicine.

Over the years I have invested many 100,000 dollars in myself, not only to recover from my life’s story, but also to help my clients find a short cut to health and happiness.

While I was going through my dark night of the soul, I didn’t want to risk being re-traumatised by psychologists or counsellors.

I wanted to be able to get to the heart of the matter, with the least amount of stress, trauma and time.

I discovered that when I learnt to connect with the core energy of the body, I was able to shift massive amounts of trauma energy instantly.

Pain and trauma disappeared overnight.

This was great, because I had mountains of pain and trauma to overcome.

Today, I am so privileged to work with a great team of trauma specialists at our facilities.

I want everyone to stop suffering, stop feeling alone and isolated inside their story of pain or abuse and start feeling empowered, liberated and free.

Change your story today and talk my team on 64283007


Grada has been a part of my healing journey and life for almost a decade, I came to her in such a broken condition and through her guidance, knowledge and management I started to heal, I began to function in the world again, I carried twins and delivered healthy babies. I see Grada as one of my mentors through my own journey of self discovery, she is constantly working to learn more, grow more and help others. Grada explains it like it is and is happy to share her own experiences so we can learn, She is a vital part of my core support group, and I cannot recommend her or her husband Peter highly enough.

Katie Chu