Everything went smooth, almost as if the stars were smiling down at you;

The traffic lights all changed to green.

You go to call somebody and they ring you before you get to the phone.

People at work are in a great mood.

You receive a bonus in your bank account.

On the other hand, how often have you had a bad day?

You stubbed your toe on the bed.

There is no hot water.

You are late for work.

The internet drops out just when you have an important Zoom meeting.

And things just go from bad to worse!

You can’t wait to hide under the blankets at home!

Now you might think this is all a coincidence, but we all know that there are no coincidences in our Universe.

The outer world responds to our inner world.

Everything is controlled or affected by your energy and your energy is more powerful than your thoughts and feelings put together.

It’s invisible, so it’s easy to forget or be in denial of how powerful it affects our lives and our circumstances.

We can change our energy patterns by learning about energy flow in our body like I have shared in previous You are the Miracle FM episodes.

Tonight I want to change tack.

I want to show you a short cut that will help you shift your energy from negative to positive very quickly!

From a low frequency to a higher frequency.

We are going to exercise our capacity to change our thinking quickly, because our energies go up and down with the quality of our thoughts.

The first question I am going to ask you is;

Where has your attention been lately?

Where is it right now?

Give yourself a rating from 1 to 10:

1 meaning your thinking is stinking (in a very low frequency) and 10 meaning you are on a ‘high’ full of optimism and confidence.

Now bring to mind your deepest wish…

Something that would make you feel really excited, out of this world happy.

Make it what we would call completely delusional!

Focus on a desire or a dream and give yourself permission to go ‘all-out’, be completely unrealistic!

Now pay attention to what happens inside your body.

Unless you feel a rush of energy and a lift in your spirits, you are not sitting on your desire – you haven’t struck gold yet!

So keep going…. till you feel completely excited and you get a warming sensation through your body.

The more delusional the better because this will send your monkey mind into a spin!

Our monkey mind or our habitual thinking mind is the root cause of so much tension in our body and adversity in our lives.

So keep dreaming bigger and better and spend at least 30 minutes per day ‘being delusional’ over the next week.

Wait and see how your body starts to change.

Because neurons that fire together wire together and we want to break up big clusters of neurons that were formed through old thinking patterns.

Clusters that make you stagnate, that stifle the life force, that limit your full potential.

We want to dissolve thinking patterns that have dominated our parents and our ancestors for generations because they didn’t question their thoughts.

We think the same thoughts day in & day out, creating the same results, unless we do something different.

Tune in and find out how delirious my desires are!

They keep me excited!

They give me energy!

There are also some helpful hints to help your money situation and your health…

Give it a try!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you are really stuck, down in the dumps or confused, book in for a ‘diagnostic session’ with me.

You don’t need to know what bothers you because your body will tell me, and then it can be cleared, so you feel happy, free and able to create a whole string of lucky days!

I can also work with you over a long distance call or Zoom session.

Call 64283007 to talk to Leica about an appointment.

Much love, Grada

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