Have you been dealing with things like low energy, weight gain, poor focus and concentration, low drive and motivation etc?

Perhaps you have ended up in a place where you didn’t expect to be. You don’t want to be there, and you haven’t got a clue how you ended up in that place.

Did you know we make over 50,000 choices per day?
The choices we make today, create the person we are tomorrow.

Even being off course by a small degree can result in being hundreds of miles off track over time.

These tiny choices or deviations are often made on the subconscious level and you’re not even aware of it.

But now you know something has to change. A course correction is in order.

The truth is, we all get out of alignment sometimes.

We somehow lose sight of our priorities. We allow the desire or needs of others to overpower our own and we compromise our truth. One too many times we say ‘yes’ or we stay up too late, indulging in those precious moments of ‘me time’ instead of the sleep our body so desperately needs.

I wish I could say I was a stranger to these experiences, but just like everyone else, if I don’t keep an eye on my unconscious patterns I come to grief too.

Recently it took me 7 days to shake off laryngitis and a chest cold. They say that your disease is always in perfect harmony with your life. Hmm, what was my body trying to tell me?

I didn’t rest till I figured out what was out of alignment and it happened to be in a very important part of my life. Once I got clear on the message and released everything to do with it from my energy field, my throat cleared up.

Thankfully I know how to pay heed to the messages my body sends me. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t, because all day I play the detective with my clients’ energy systems.

I can see where old subconscious patterns are keeping my clients stuck in one place, clear these and instil healthy programs all with energy.

Call it energy healing, medical intuition, medical intuitive healing, soul communication, or whatever; the point is it works every time. I work directly with and through the chakras, which form our bridge with the invisible world; the realm of miracles. We create lasting change.

What often happens is people know something has to change, they get excited to make a change, they try something new, they might even see a few results, and then life throws them a few wobblies.

A stressful event pops up, overwhelm sets in and before they know it they are back to square one. All their best intentions came to nothing.

Why is that?

Unless you identify the energy blocks in your system, release them and then instil or override them with new energy, you will continue to start and stop and never really go anywhere. Your dream job, relationship or life will stay out of reach.

Your energies need to be in alignment with your highest self or aligned with the person you want to be, before permanent change occurs.

You won’t need to struggle or put in huge effort.

Once your energies are fully corrected, the Universe will align itself to manifest your dreams and desires.

This is why I want you to participate with me in my
Heal Your Life Mastery Program.

I want you to stop struggling and start enjoying a life of abundance like I do!

Heal your Life Mastery Program with Master Healer Grada Robertson

Starting March 7th
10am to 12:30pm
47 Wilmot Rd, Forth

Every Thursday morning for 7 weeks.
March 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th & April 4th, 11th & 18th .


This 7 week program is a highly interactive event, where you will be guided to get clear on all the gifts and challenges that are hiding in your chakra system.

Our energetic body consists of 7 power centres (chakras) and each week we are going to get to understand, release and realign a chakra – one by one.

Did you know that each one of your chakras has its own hidden language?

Disconnect and miscommunication with our own energetic body is the MAIN REASON why we get sick or can’t manifest what we want in life.

During this program you have the opportunity to get coaching and healing from me directly, to ensure that your life & body are in alignment with your soul.

There will be practices and exercises for you to do at home to help you stay in an expanded state. You will learn how to bring fresh, healing energy into your life at any moment throughout your daily life.

Each week we dive deeper into our inner most self, using techniques and tools that I have learnt from studying the ancients, healing my own body after a serious MVA, and working with over 10,000 clients and seeing incredible results.

Have you ever been interested in helping others but didn’t know how to?

This program is for novices and seasoned healers alike.

It is for anyone who wants to release negative DNA imprints, destructive memories or crippling beliefs from the past and move forward with renewed sense of confidence, courage and dignity.

I would love to see you there! Grada

Heal Your Life Mastery