Did You Realise That 90 % of ‘Your’ DNA Is Not Your Own?

What’s all the fuss about bacteria?

What’s so good about beneficial gut bacteria?

Were you told as a kid to go wash your hands before you sit up and eat?

If you don’t they will be full of germs and you could “catch” a disease!’

Louis Pasteur, the father of the germ theory taught that ‘the enemy’ was outside our bodies.

That these little germs were the things that caused disease and we had to keep them out at all cost.

Louis Pasteur lied.

Or to be more precise, he told a half truth.

It is only half of the story.

He was sold out to the forefathers of today’s Big Pharma.

In fact, Big Pharma build its entire industry on Pasteur’s theory, and Pasteur ended up repenting on his deathbed; but by then nobody was listening, and the wheels of false science had been set into motion.

Antoine Beauchamp, a competing scientist who lived around the same time as Pasteur, told us that -“Germs seek their natural habitat, which is diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.”

Scientists have discovered that bacteria are scavengers that clean up dead or dying material, including our own body tissues when we allow them to become unhealthy.

To help you understand what I am saying here, blaming bacteria for disease, is like blaming firemen for the fire!

Just because bacteria are found at the site of inflammation, doesn’t mean they created it!

So, it is really your internal environment that attracts or repels good or bad bacteria.

Rather than fighting off the firemen, start addressing the toxicity inside your body.

Disease is really caused by 2 things: a deficiency of vital nutrients, and too much toxicity.

By the way, our bodies are super amazing and can cope with huge amounts of toxins.

Did you know that our grandparents, who might have lived for 80 years, had to deal with only a fraction of the toxicity that we deal with today?

We deal with the same amount of toxins EVERY SINGLE DAY, that our grandparents had to cope with over an entire lifetime.

This is mindblowing!

No wonder we see many young clients with broken immune systems.

Did you know your best defense against environmental toxins are your gut bacteria?

80 to 90% of your immune system lives in your gut.

And every time you wash your hands with antibacterial stuff when you enter a shop or café, you destroy a portion of your gut bacteria, because it goes into your bloodstream within seconds of washing your hands.

Goodbye immune system!

But let me tell you about Alex, who was virtually covered from head to toe with eczema.

All the creams he had tried would reduce it temporarily then it would flare again.

His friend came to us and bought him Immuno Synbiotic Xflam probiotics and after two months his skin was almost clear.

Another client swears by this product to prevent flare-ups of his gout.

Jill takes them to maintain a comfortable digestive system.

She had symptoms of IBS previously.

What all these clients had in common was ‘leaky gut’ which meant that their Microbiome (your community of gut bacteria) was compromised.

Once they ‘healed and sealed’ their gut lining, they got their health back.

Pete and I have seen more than 20000 clients since the year 2000.

What we discovered is that YOU NEED TO HEAL YOUR MICROBIOME FIRST AND FOREMOST, otherwise you invite years of struggling with your health and vitality.

Doctors don’t whip out your liver or kidneys do they, but when they prescribe antibiotics or the contraceptive pill, here goes your Microbiome, out the window.

We all know that antibiotics save lives, but they don’t create health!

If you have antibiotics and don’t replenish your good bacteria, it will take your body 5 years to regrow the good bacteria.

So, if your GP doesn’t suggest several courses of high-quality probiotics, you need to take charge yourself.

In fact, you are the one that knows your body best!

Your good bacteria in your Microbiome fight on your behalf every day!

They also produce at least 400 different enzymes, and we all know that enzymes are essential for life itself.

90% of our own serotonin production (your happy hormone) relies on your beneficial bacteria.

They keep candida albicans and other yeast forms in healthy proportions in our gut.

These yeasts produce some important B vitamins for us so are also necessary, but only in specific quantities.

If they get out of control and become fungal overgrowth we are in trouble, with brain fog, fatigue, lethargy, jock itch, tinea, inflammatory conditions, itchy skin.

There are lots of toxins associated with candida that escape through the rice paper-thin wall of the gut into the bloodstream and cause havoc systemically.

There is a direct link between OPTIMUM BRAIN FUNCTION AND YOUR GUT.

We have had children who were prescribed ADHD drugs.

After supplementing with good probiotics and suggesting more healthy fats in their diet, they were perfect kids in quick time.

The things that deplete our good intestinal bacteria are:

  • Antibiotics
  • Cortisone
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Hormone replacement
  • The sulfites in almost all wines
  • Stress overload
  • Too much sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Environmental toxins
  • Vaxxines

You see how IMPERATIVE IT IS to be BOOSTING these health-giving little critters EVERY day with either a good probiotic; or a portion of good fermented food (such as LOVE YOUR GUTS).

Please message us if you would like to learn the art of fermenting your own foods and we will ask OUR FERMENTING GURU, CALEB, if he will run a class again soon.

In the meantime, call in at 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth on Wednesdsay’s or Thursdays’ to pick up some of the superior range of probiotics we stock.

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Call us on 0428283007 to order over the phone.

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We also stock new generation spore biotics, that you can take while you are on antibiotics, this is how hardy and superior they are!

Yours to great health!

Pete and Grada