We adopted two ducks towards the end of last year.

They waddle around inseparably, each mimicking the other in whatever they do. If one quacks the other quacks. It’s like “Old MacDonald’s” farm, a quack quack here and a quack quack there, a quack quack everywhere! Whenever we open the back door we hear them both quacking in unison.

The other day when enjoying a nice cuppa and conversation outside, a light aircraft flew directly overhead. We heard the drone of the engine approaching. The quacking intensified and then stopped. I couldn’t help laughing as I watched the two earth bound white birds. They both had their heads on the side with one eye pointing skyward, watching the bright red plane fly by. They would look at one another with a “ quack”, then cock their heads again to spy the plane as if to say “How the heck can that be?” It was hilarious to watch.

The people who gave us the ducks wanted a good home for their pets. They came and checked out our place and were happy to see we had a dam so the ducks could have somewhere to swim. The day they arrived we let them go near the dam. We had other ducks there and I hand fed them all some grain. The newcomers wanted nothing to do with potential friends or the water and headed straight in the opposite direction. They made their new home in our garden close to our back door, all the time quacking together as they fossicked happily for grubs and snails or whatever ducks eat in nature! Every day though, they demand a few handfuls of grain, pecking at my shoes whenever I venture near the chook-run where the feed is kept. They quack as if to say “ hey what about us?” They certainly have personalities.

I caught them one day and threw them onto the dam thinking they would enjoy a swim.

They almost walked on the water, flapping their outstretched wings frantically, desperately seeking dry ground. I don’t think they knew what it was, having been reared in town with nowhere to swim. They had lost their natural instincts. It certainly wasn’t true to the saying “They took to it like a duck to water”!!! They seemed terrified!

It got me thinking about humans . We are most likely the same when we are brought up in a totally artificial environment. That’s all we know to be real or true while we are unaware there is a whole unknown natural world out there. We are afraid of storms that bring us much needed water. The trees that tower above us need to be cut down, otherwise they will fall on us. And when we cut them all down the rain stops and we have a desert. For some reason we have lost our instincts that tell us that nature / the universe has our back. It is there to help us rather than terrify us.

Lots of kids in cities apparently think milk just comes in packs from the supermarket not realising or even aware that it is milked from a cow’s udder. “Yuk, how disgusting!” How far removed from nature and our true selves can we become?

One hot day one of our poor city ducks couldn’t walk. She was quacking weakly, just lying on the hot blue-metal driveway. It’s mate was anxiously circling around demanding we do something. We sat a container of water and a handful of grain next to poor old Milly. She took a few beakfuls, then some more. She seemed to settle a bit. Later in the day she had totally recovered. She had become completely dehydrated in the heat and just down the hill was a whole dam full of water!

How many of us are like our poor suburbanised ducks? Forgotten our natural instincts to the point where we almost expire from a lack of what we most need while it’s staring us in the face. Apparently we are about 90% water when we are born and only about 60% when we die!

One of my clients asked one day, “How do you know if you’re dehydrated?”

I asked what his normal day was like for him as we checked his living blood under the microscope. All his red cells were clumping together. Ideally they would all be isolated from one another. The two main causes of this thick sticky blood are dehydration and the digestion of foods not happening properly, particularly proteins.

He proceeded to tell me that he finds it hard to concentrate well at work. He feels constantly tired with no energy. When he gets home from work he literally drags himself through the door and slumps into a chair. He also had animals to care for on a small acreage and he just wasn’t capable. He was on medication for high blood pressure.


I said that maybe he already knew what the symptoms of dehydration were. He had just described them to me! This same guy started drinking about 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day and also had close to a teaspoon of Himalayan salt a day. On a return visit four weeks later he told me the blokes at work were asking him what he’s on. His energy had picked up dramatically. So much that he would bounce in through the door at the end of the day with heaps of oomph left to do all the farm chores! His wife also sheepishly commented there’s some left even when he goes to bed!

Each day my routine includes feeding two to three handfuls of grain to the ducks. I often have to think of a book I read years ago by Mary Moody; ‘Last Tango in Toulouse’. She lived in France for twelve months and described how they produced foie gras, a delicacy made from duck livers. They would force feed the ducks a combination of sugar, corn and grains which are very high starch carbohydrates, intentionally creating fatty livers in these poor ducks in a very quick time. It’s actually a really sad, horrible practice still used today. I won’t go into details but it shouldn’t be allowed.

Stages of liver failure concept. Vector illustration of healthy, fatty, NASH, fibrotic and cirrhotic liver in flat style

What I was actually getting to was the fact that we are doing much the same to our own children and ourselves if you really think about it. Except not gavage feeding with a tube, like they do to the ducks. Yes when we start our kids on solids we feed them stewed fruit (sugar), mashed vegies (mainly high starch carbohydrates) and cereals like Farex (high starch carbohydrates). These are all turning into loads of sugars their bodies turn into fat storage, and like the ducks, we all end up with fatty livers often at a very young age.

I have had four and five year olds brought to me with differing conditions showing worse liver stress than a lot of adults I see.

I test urine and saliva and look at live blood in a Biomedx consultation to obtain these findings. These stored fats block the liver’s ability to filter the waste from the body. This is the underlying cause of most skin disorders and IBS (or inflammatory bowel disease) plus lots more. Can you imagine what the condition of our body fluids look like when the waste can not be filtered out properly? This sets up a very toxic environment for our cells to live in and guess what? We get all sorts of differing illnesses which actually stem from this toxic build up.

So people, lets get real and give our bodies a chance to function correctly!

If we were breastfed as a newborn we were making 65% to 70% of our energy from fats that were in our mother’s milk. 55% of that energy came from saturated fats which, in the past, we were told were bad for us. This proves that theory wrong doesn’t it? Yes we make energy from sugars and/or fats. Sugars in excess, plus carbohydrates that turn into lots of sugars, are stored as fats. Cholesterol is another name for fats also! Normally in winter, food would have become scarcer. Lots of animals go into a hibernation period and survive on these stores during the colder months. Before transport and refrigeration our ancestors did the same sort of thing. We never have a scarcity of food anymore.

When we get hungry we tend to eat again, so we never use these stored energy sources up and our body continues to put everything above one teaspoon of sugar – four times a day, into the larder for that oncoming winter that never arrives. If we ran out of food our bodies would start to use these fat stores up and we would lose weight. We make nice clean energy from the good fats we eat and they don’t cause any inflammation. They give us good even energy all day long but unfortunately once we clog our livers with all that converted sugar and it doesn’t filter properly we then don’t digest any food well. Especially the fats we eat.

The bile, which is the waste from the body, is needed for that digestive process. So if you want really great energy all day from the fats you consume you will need to supplement with Beetflow. This helps the bile to become runny and also dilates the biliary ducts allowing it to flow. I’ve been taking it since about 2006. When I started making most of my energy from the good fats in my diet I was having about six blocks of butter a week plus lots of cream, coconut oil, olive oil and meat fats. I take Beetflow most meals and this has been instrumental in helping me digest these fats for an energy source that doesn’t cause inflammation.

I lost 8 kilograms over a 6 month period not realising I had weight to loose.

Aches and pains in my thumbs and wrists from years of massaging clients have disappeared and my back has become a lot more flexible. I used to pride myself in being able to touch the floor (with my fingertips) most of my life. I can now touch most of my palms on the floor while keeping my legs straight! I don’t do yoga. All I can contribute this to is the foods I eat. This includes lots of good oils and fats with minimal sugars or high starch carbohydrates. Plus taking Beetflow and Omnizyme most meals and magnesium and iodine nearly every day.

Please read my previous blog on Deuterium (under Grada’s blogs on our website). This explains how and why ketogenic foods work to prevent and cure disease. And please drink your water and have your salt. Remember we are meant to be close to 90% water. You will learn that a lot of this is obtained also from eating fats when you read about deuterium!

Lastly WAKE up your instincts as well.

Don’t be like Milly and Mildred, our two adopted ducks, who have forgotten they can swim. By joining our Surge to Success weekend on the 30th and 31st of March, yes in less than a week, you will arouse those instincts of who you really are. If you want to become the real you and live the life you truly desire and deserve you need to attend. You owe it to yourself and your family. You will be amazed at the differences you will experience.

Till next time, Pete