Is bloating and gas a problem for you?

Do you suffer with belly aches and cramping?
Particularly in the upper right abdominal region?

Are you one that notices whether your poop sinks or swims?
And what colour is it? Dark brown or light clay colour?

All these things give you hints how your liver and gallbladder are functioning.

Did you know that your liver filters all 5 litres of your blood every 3 minutes?!

It is the organ that filters all the wastes and toxins from your body.

Just imagine the streets where you live if the garbage trucks went on strike.
The cities and towns would soon be a putrid mess.

If our liver did the same maybe our bodies internal environment would look very similar.

Recently I had a client who did the liver/ gallbladder cleanse and said she felt so much better with hardly any pain afterwards.

She had been experiencing abdominal pains and bloating with lots of constipation for ages.

Beetflow, enzymes and magnesium had been giving her a lot of relief, but she was still uncomfortable.

She also complained of never being able to shift any weight.

I suggested she do the liver/ gallbladder cleanse.

Eventually she found the time to fit it in her busy schedule and she was amazed at what was passed.

You need a free half day at least where you are close to a toilet!!!

“OMG…a lot of green pea like stones and a lot of little white like seeds and pellet like stones….”

The biliary ducts that drain the waste (bile) were all blocked with all this rubbish.

Most of these pellet like stones originate from excess stored sugars from eating too much high starch carbohydrates and sugars.

Everything greater than one teaspoon of sugar is converted to storage, which is cholesterol and fats.

The first place we store these excess fat stores is in our liver.

liver and gall stones

They start as little cholesterol balls then calcify and become hard.

Ones that get trapped in the gallbladder are called “gallstones”.

Yes and every time the gallbladder contracts, which is often when we consume fats and oils, we experience discomfort.

The only way to really unclog the liver of stored fat (fatty liver) is to convert your body’s fuel source to fats rather than sugars.

That is a ‘Ketogenic” lifestyle.

This will also promote weight loss.

That said, there are lots of women who experience a hard time losing any weight at all.

There are two main issues here.

  1. Women have more hormones floating around than guys and it is the liver’s job to break down or metabolise hormones.

    If the liver is already stressed then it has a harder time delivering the bile to digest the fats.

    Therefore the body is still relying on sugars for energy and if we are not eating any starchy / sugary foods then our bodies will become stressed.
  2. Cortisone production due to chronic stress causes the liver to release stored sugar for extra energy therefore we have trouble converting to ketogenesis (making energy from fats).

    Magnesium is therefore extremely essential in the arena of chronic stress. This is the mineral needed to drop us out of fright/flight or fight mode and make us more relaxed so we won’t produce adrenalin or cortisone.

    This in turn switches off the release of sugar from the liver.

So before you venture to clean your liver I recommend you take Beetflow; 2 capsules each meal for at least a couple of weeks combined with one capsule of an enzyme mix (Omnizyme or Digestizyme).

Continue one of each every meal following the liver cleanse.

Click the link below to download the Liver / Gallbladder Cleanse:

And REMEMBER magnesium to stop the chronic stress.

This can be due to past traumas and abuse, which women seem to be on the receiving end more than us fellas which is why the trouble with weight loss is more evident in women than men.

Come and have a session with Grada, the expert in releasing these old stuck energy patterns from trapped traumas and suppressed emotions.

If you have trouble getting in with her come and see me. I also specialize in it but still have a problem blowing my own trumpet!