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“Essential oils are such powerful substances that even just a whiff of one can immediately uplift and energise. Not even chocolate can do it that quickly. So what is it about these little bottles of magic that make them so incredible? To put it simply, they are all the good stuff from nature’s pharmacy condensed into a powerful health elixir.”

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts.  They are the life blood of the plant that protects the plant from disease and pests.  These extracts, when processed properly and distilled from the proper plant species offer healing properties to people and their pets as well.  Essential oils offer more healing benefits than dried herbs which have lost about 98% of the plant’s energy.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years with documentation of their use even found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.   Essential oils are documented in the Bible in over 500 places, with specific usages.  Frankincense and Myrrh were brought as gifts to the Christ child.  These original therapeutic grade oils offered many health benefits that our culture is rediscovering. Over time, however the essential oil industry has become overrun with imitations and adulterated versions that have fillers and chemicals added to extend the supply.  The unknowing consumers can smell the oil’s fragrance but it may not have the healing benefits, and could even be harmful depending on what unknown chemicals have been added.  Avoid these inferior oils in all situations, even for inhalation or diffusing where chemical additives could irritate the respiratory tract.

Currently, the FDA does not differentiate between therapeutic grade essential oils that offer healing properties and perfume grade oils that only offer fragrance.  The Fair Package and Labelling Act of 1973 specifically excludes the term “fragrance” and does not define it.  Fragrance listed on any U.S. product does not need to meet any requirements and is most likely just a combination of chemicals, many of which are now found to be toxic and harmful with use.  For example, musk ketone, a synthetic musk found in many perfumes has been found to disrupt hormones and negatively impact the endocrine system – many of the secret chemicals in perfumes have even been found in foetuses. 

Make sure you use only pure therapeutic essential oils that are safe as a dietary supplement. Look for a company that tests their oils for purity, ideally a company that grows their own plant materials, distils on location and does not ship plant material to a different processing facility. A company that maintains quality control from growing plants to distillation and packaging is the optimal condition to ensure purity in a product.

The Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils Promote Longevity

What essential oils offer the best anti-aging properties?

Several have withstood the test of time and continue to be a part of many cultures.  We are now finally seeing the value in these therapeutic substances that other cultures have embraced for centuries. The use of essential oils dates to the beginning of time, some of the earliest recordings are in one of the oldest medical documents, the Ebers Papyrus dating back to 1550 BC.

Historical oils like Frankincense and Clove in particular are powerful oils that continue to be used today for bringing balance to the body.  When they are combined they offer a synergistic effect more powerful than each oil alone.
Essential oils that promote Longevity: frankincense, clove, orange and thyme oil.

This powerful blend of essential oils is a super-antioxidant supporting major systems of the body.

  • Frankincensesupports brain, skin and respiratory health.
  • Thyme oilstrengthens immune function.
  • Clove oilsupports a healthy heart and circulatory system
  • Orange oilwith limonene shows promise as a powerful anti-tumour agent.

For an immune power-boost, mix up your own Longevity Blend by:

  1. Topically Applying a couple of drops of the essential oil blend to the feet. This can increase the absorption into the system through the reflexology points.
  2. Internally: only food grade Therapeutic essential oils should be used. If these individual oils are food-grade, the Longevity Blend can be taken as a dietary supplement.  Taking the blend internally may support healthy immune function and helps the body deal with normal issues related to the aging process. Follow your essential oil supplement recommendations when adding these essential oils to your daily diet. If you mix up your own gel cap, often made of a digestible cellulose plant material, take the capsule immediately or it will begin to dissolve, or order your Longevity readymade capsules from your Young Living online shop if you have a member number. If you are interested in getting therapeutic grade essential oils, click on this link to order your own oils, at your convenience, for wholesale price here: http://bit.ly/EnrolwithThePurpleTeam

Mix up your own for topical application:

5 drops Frankincense – Boswellia carterri

1 drop Thyme oil

1 drop Clove oil

1 drop Orange oil

Mix all oils up in a clean glass container with a lid (up cycle those used bottles!) shake well before use. Place 1 drop of the blend with 1 tsp of vegetable carrier oil and massage onto the soles of the feet.

How many of us can’t remember having any aches and pains till we got to age 30? After 30 it all seems to go downhill and there is a reason for that. Come to Grada’s free essential oils information session on Monday the 28th August 7-9 pm and discover what your body has been up to. Discover how you can easily support your body to regulate your hormones to increase health and vitality and reverse the ageing process. It is never too late to start because you have a new body every 11 months.

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