Years ago when I was a medical microbiologist, people were names on forms and specimens in bottles and that was as close as I got to the human story. The laboratory was an interesting world but divorced from people. We did, however, become particularly involved in very serious cases such as septicaemias, gastro outbreaks, whooping cough and the dreaded meningitis. We would be on our mettle looking out for specimens of those who were on a thin life line.

I distinctly remember one such case: it was a three month old baby called Daniel. He was in paediatric intensive care with very nasty meningococcal meningitis. It was touch and go whether he lived. Staff would be called out to examine his cerebrospinal fluid at all hours of the day and night. In healthy individuals the csf (cerebrospinal fluid) is a clear, colourless fluid which looks exactly like water. But Daniel’s was the colour of diluted milk, indicative of the millions of bacteria which would possibly kill him. He was in the special baby unit for several weeks and miraculously eventually went home with his parents.

Fast forward 10 years and I have now changed profession and have a busy practice as a Craniosacral Therapist. This was and is the most rewarding work I have ever done. People are no longer anonymous names on forms and bits and pieces in bottles which they would rather not deliver to a laboratory! I now get to spend a whole hour with my clients, listening to their story and helping them to feel healthy, well, relaxed and happy.

One day a middle-aged man walked in with his grandson. He proceeded to relate to me the difficult start to life which this young 10 year old had had, and yes, you guessed it: it was Daniel! He had indeed survived after his very precarious early beginnings, and it was wonderful to see him. However the meningitis had left its scars. Those nasty bugs had damaged Daniel’s nervous system. In one sense he had been incredibly lucky (some victims of meningococcal lose limbs!) but he was left with cognition, comprehension and concentration difficulties and required special schooling. His grandparents had heard about me and the effectiveness of cranio-sacral therapy and they wondered if I would be able to help him. (Little did they know that how involved I had been 10 years earlier, and that he already had a special place in my heart)

So commenced a course of treatments during which I would place my hands on Daniel’s head to gently assess the movements of the bones and membranes. It felt as though there was significant scarring in the dural membrane system. These membranes are like a convoluted sheet which follows the contours of the brain and spine and this is the very membrane which becomes infected during meningitis. I dread to think how painful it must have been during the course of the infection: a headache of all headaches!

During the treatments (where the client remains fully dressed) I gently worked to ease away the contorted tensions within his nervous system and to bring a congruence and fluidity to the membranes and bones. It sounds incredibly strong work but in actual fact it is such a subtle therapy that clients sometimes fall asleep during the treatments!

With a helping hand the body has an amazing ability to heal itself and over time Daniel began to improve. The blank look on his face lit up with comprehension and he started to relate with much more clarity and confidence as the world around him finally made sense. It’s such rewarding work!

At the Purple House we share many happy stories like this. We use a combination of therapies to dissolve the stresses and scars which are in our bodies. Even though the vast majority of people have thankfully never experienced meningitis, life still has a way of putting significant obstacles in the path. Whether these are emotional or physical, due to illness, stress, and accidents or just as a result of the daily grind, we are able to tailor treatments specifically for you. Often these will be a combination of kinesiology, cranio-sacral therapy and reflexology, whatever is appropriate for you and your needs. One hour ‘combination healing’ is $100

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It’s a popular course so if you want to make sure of your place it is best to book your spot as soon as possible. I am continually impressed by the gentleness of working with the cranio-sacral system and yet the results are incredible. Whether structural (pain, headaches), autism, anxiety, asthma, you name it, craniosacral therapy yields amazing improvements. We are not designed to endure “painful” treatments; the tensions in the body/mind dissolve much easier with the gentlest tactile, loving touch. No prior knowledge is required.