Most of us are very courageous and have an optimistic outlook on life. Yet, we often find ourselves stuck in an endless cycle of doubts, worry, and fear.

Fear is very costly. It has a paralyzing effect, it makes us feel stuck in our relationships, and blocks our progress and lowers our joy.

The costliest fear is the fear of fear itself.

I spent 2 months in a psychiatric hospital in 2008, trapped in a very dark fear-filled place.

And yet, two years earlier I had experienced a complete RESET from fear during a near-death experience.

Over the following 2 years, there were many things that I hadn’t allowed myself to feel, admit or acknowledge. I beat myself up for not recovering fast enough. I felt guilty about our dreadful finances because of the accident. Instead of allowing and surrendering to the recovery process, I relied on my human superpowers and they ran out.

That’s what happens. Fear and pain are actually a gift from God/the Universe/our loved ones on the other side to remind us that we need to stop and take better care of ourselves and to love ourselves more.

Fear is part of our human existence. It starts 9 weeks after our conception and is called the fear paralysis. The fear paralysis operates our earliest nervous system when we are still the size of a jelly bean.

In a lot of people, the fear paralysis is never turned off and fear becomes a form of energy that is stored in our body.

This energy causes tense muscles, constricted blood flow, illness, and pain. We have now transferred our fear from our emotional or mental state into our body where it manifests as physical symptoms.

Here I show you how to experience moments of FEARLESSNESS. Your nervous system gets a chance to reset itself. Blood starts to flow easier. Your immune system gets a chance to gear up and you enjoy a state of being with yourself that is loving, gentle and health-promoting.

Hope you enjoy it!

And please send me a message if you feel stuck or trapped in a downward spiral of stress.

much love, Grada

grada in garden